Dr. Houston

Welcome to Dr. Houston's Corner. This section of the site is for education about enzymes and their uses. Having spent the better portion of my life researching enzymes gives me a great appreciation for their power and usefulness. I hope to instill that same appreciation in you.

Dr. Houston to Speak at online Autism Hope Summit


Grab your seat now for the Autism Hope Summit. Dr. Devin Houston will be speaking about enzymes on May 19. Register now for access to all 26 speakers. No charge for a limited time only. Speakers will cover a range of topics relevant to autism families. Dr. Houston's talk will cover - the role of enzymes in autism - gut issues - food intolerances - special diets Though the focus […] Continue Reading…

Enzymes & Autism Podcast


Don't miss this new podcast interview of Dr. Devin Houston, CEO of Houston Enzymes. Dr. Houston chats with the TACA foundation about the digestive support enzymes can offer, especially for those on the autism spectrum. Check out season 2, episode 3.

Get the Most from Your Fruits and Veggies: Polyphenol Digestion


[caption id="attachment_744" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Don't miss out on the protective compounds fruits and vegetables offer.[/caption]   With warmer weather approaching, thoughts turn to planting gardens and visiting farmers' markets in order to get those healthy fruits and vegetables. These foods not only taste good, they are nutritious as well. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of fiber, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and […] Continue Reading…

Do You Need Betaine HCl?


[caption id="attachment_733" align="aligncenter" width="285"] That burning question: Are there times when adding hydrochloric acid may help?[/caption]   My anatomy professor in college amazed us naive students one day by drinking a glass of diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl). We thought it was a death-defying stunt until he told us the amount of acid in the glass was less than the acid content […] Continue Reading…

How Do I Take Enzymes Away From Home?


Q: Can I take enzymes at home before I go out to eat at a restaurant? A: Unfortunately, that will be too far in advance of the meal. The enzymes should be taken near the beginning of the meal. If you take them more than 20 or 30 minutes ahead, the stomach may empty before you start eating. Q: Will taking […] Continue Reading…