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Welcome to Dr. Houston's Corner. This section of the site is for education about enzymes and their uses. Having spent the better portion of my life researching enzymes gives me a great appreciation for their power and usefulness. I hope to instill that same appreciation in you.

Chewable Enzyme Sale!


It’s a special on 3 of our chewable versions of enzyme products!
Get 25% off retail price – no limit on the number of bottles.

AFP-Peptizyde Chewable breaks down gluten, casein, soy and other proteins.
No-Fenol Chewable supports the digestion of fiber in fruits and vegetables.
Zyme Prime Chewable aids in the digestion of carbohydrates, sugars (including lactose) and fats.

Don’t miss out on this great deal. Discount on full retail only, not to be combined with any other offer. Applies to only these chewable versions (does not apply to capsule versions). Ends 6/30/17 or while¬†supplies last. Use coupon code CHEWMORE at checkout or call us at 866-757-8627.


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