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What defines the "best" enzyme product?

Devin Houston, Ph.D.

Our natural tendency is to want "The Best". Whatever it is, we want to have "The Best". Best food, best car, best kitchen, best garden, etc. It is no different with choosing an enzyme product. People often seek me out, give a quick description of diet, lifestyle, and digestive problems; then ask:

"So what's the BEST enzyme product I can use?"

The answer is: The best enzyme product for you is the one THAT WORKS for you.

Enzymes do work in a predictable way, but the effect of any particular enzyme product can be altered by your individual differences: diet, GI environment, stressors, metabolism, and much more may produce an effect different from your neighbor, even though you take the same product.

For example, taking the enzyme lactase is helpful for lactose intolerance. The enzyme breaks down lactose into galactose and glucose, regardless of who takes it. But how it affects overall gut health can vary from person to person. The quantity of lactose ingested, the type of probiotic bacteria growing in the gut, and other foods eaten with the lactose-containing food may result in regular bowel movements in one person, slight constipation in others, while some may see only slight benefit.

There are only about 20 different enzyme blends available for formulating an enzyme supplement. Many companies now have enzyme products, but rarely do you see the exact formulation used in any two products. The exception being those who have knocked off my formulations!

Enzyme companies have used these different enzyme blends to develop a wide variety of enzyme products. The vast majority of these were formulated based on price points to maximize profits for the company, not to address any specific digestive support. If you are buying an enzyme product based on price alone, you are most likely wasting money on an inferior product.

Here is what I suggest. Rather than look for the best enzyme product, look for the best enzyme company. Such a company realizes the differences between people, knows how enzymes and digestion work, provides plenty of supportive information, and also knows how different enzymes can work together.

Find the best company, and you are assured of getting the best product.

- Devin Houston
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