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Issue 9, December 2005

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Devin Houston, Ph.D.

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  • From Devin Houston: 'Tis The Season!
  • Request HNI Enzymes in Healthfood Stores
  • Customer Story: We Have Never Looked Back
  • Teaching Kids to Swallow Pills
  • Dr. Houston Interviews and Lectures

  • From Devin Houston: 'Tis The Season!

    I love this time of year!

    Right now, it's 20 degrees here in Northwest Arkansas, so winter is definitely upon us. The tree is up and decorated, cookies and candy are being made on a daily basis, and the malls are crowded with shoppers. I've got my supply of firewood stacked and ready. I can't wait for the first snowfall!

    This is the time of year when we look back on what was done right, what wasn't so right, and what needs to be changed or modified for next year's round of speaking engagements. We met hundreds of parents this year and put customer names to faces. We traveled from Florida to Washington state and many places in between. I'm looking forward to the few weeks of rest before starting again in February.

    We at HNI have been very blessed this year with record sales and increased acceptance of enzyme products. We are blessed to have a very loyal customer base that we never take for granted. Meeting parents and hearing stories of how our products helped their families is definitely the highlight of the year!

    Probably the best feeling I get this season is seeing the faces of children: the look of wonder, joy, and anticipation on a small, smiling face is priceless. A perfect example is the picture shown above: two little boys caught up in the magic of Christmas!

    It is my sincere wish that, whatever this year has brought you, your child is safe, happy, and fills you with joy.

    Best wishes for the holidays from Devin and Trish Houston and the staff of HNI.

    Request HNI Enzymes in Healthfood Stores

    Houston Nutraceuticals began as an internet based company in order to serve customers directly with more efficiency. For those wanting the convenience of purchasing enzyme products at a local healthfood store, this can often be arranged.

    Generally, independently owned stores and smaller chains are more willing to carry products specified by a customer. To have an HNI representative contact your local healthfood store, email us at: Customer Service. Please include your name; store's name, phone number, and address; and enzyme products you use.

    Customer Story: We Have Never Looked Back

    from Mandi Rodwell

    We had been on the GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free) diet for 12 months, CF for the 12 months prior to that when I heard that my biggest wish had come true ? somebody was producing an enzyme that meant we may be able to leave the diet!! The GFCF was becoming a drag socially for the family, the number of foods he could tolerate were going down and it was just not healthy any more. We had seen a good response from going CF but I was never sure whether the GF part was helping.

    I eagerly tracked down the source of the information, got the phone number for Houston, rang Devin and ordered 6 bottles of Peptizyde and 6 bottles of HN- Zyme Prime as my first order. I think he thought I must be a little mad ordering this many the first time. However, I was very comfortable with the idea of enzymes.

    I challenged the diet the day they arrived ? with casein, and apart from a little hyper initially, he was fine ? none of the previous infraction behaviours! OK then, I thought, off the diet we come! Sam was so happy to be eating ?real? food again. On day 10, we had the first formed, soft, brown normal smelling poop for 3 years! I was so excited I showed everybody (yuk!).

    Sam is a grazer, we used lots of enzymes, sometimes up to 9 of each per day ? adding them each time he had a drink because he ate little and often. Then we made the classic mistake of letting the sugar creep up as his food choices expanded. He had an extended period of hyperactivity BUT, we saw many improvements in other areas. We pulled the sugar way back again and the results really shone through. Over four years later, we no longer need the enzymes for food but choose to continue them in small amounts. We still limit sugar, avoid Aspartame, MSG and artificials.

    I cannot recommend HNI enzymes highly enough, we have never looked back.

    Mandi Rodwell
    United Kingdom
    Contact Mandi for UK Resources

    Teaching Kids to Swallow Pills

    The following online articles offer opinions for teaching children to swallow pills:

  • "Teaching Pill Swallowing" mnSODBPNews.pdf
  • "Primer on Pill Swallowing" and video information
    http ://

  • Dr. Houston Interviews and Lectures

    Dr. Houston recently presented at the National Autism Conference in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

    Upcoming Interviews and Lectures Include:

  • Bio Chat, December 15, 9:00 p.m. EST
  • Healthful Living Radio Show, January 19 at 12:00 PST
  • New Directions Conference, Indianapolis, February 4
  • Autism Society of Collin County, Plano, Texas February 7
  • Autism Society of America-Los Angeles "Working Together for Autism" Conference, February 25
  • More information about Dr. Houston here. Dr. Houston speaks at no cost to parent groups. Check for Calendar Updates.

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