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Issue 11, February 2006

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Devin Houston, Ph.D.

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  • From Devin Houston:
    Adverse Food Reactions - Part II
  • Chewable No-Fenol Arriving Soon
  • Customer Story: Enzymes Made a Difference
  • "Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever?"
  • Dr. Houston Interviews and Lectures

  • From Devin Houston:
    Adverse Food Reactions - Part II

    With any adverse food reaction, it is important to determine which component of the offending food is actually responsible for the problems. For example, if one is allergic to milk, does that mean it is the milk protein (casein, or lactalbumin) that causes the hypersensitive immune response, or is the diarrhea caused by the inability to digest the milk sugar lactose? Symptoms such as anaphylaxis and eczema are most likely IgE-mediated responses to a food?s glycoprotein, whereas diarrhea, wheezing, and/or migraines may be an adverse reaction to a starch, fat, amino acid, or preservative in the food. It is very important to ensure that a patient does not consume a food that causes a severe or harmful reaction, but it is important not to restrict a person?s dietary intake, especially in a growing child or one suffering from malnutrition.

    Adverse reactions to food may be acute and caused by a single exposure, or they may be dose related. Some are able to eat small quantities of their allergy-causing food without any negative effects. If a certain amount of food is exceeded over a short enough period of time, however, symptoms may develop. Keep in mind that a symptomatic response to a specific food may not occur with each ingestion because the quantity may be too small to cause the adverse effect. Varying the manner in which the food is prepared may also change the response if the offending antigen is denatured in the preparation. Certain medications may make some allergic responses worse.

    Elimination diets may be helpful in determining which foods in the diet are causing an adverse reaction. Reintroducing a suspected allergenic food is referred to as a food challenge. If the symptoms disappear with the elimination of the food and return when it is reintroduced, it is presumed that the individual is allergic to that food. A challenge should only be used in mild to moderate cases of adverse reaction, and never with those foods known to cause anaphylaxis in an individual.

    Next Issue: Adverse Food Reactions Part III: Which Foods To Watch

    Chewable No-Fenol Arriving Soon

    Our popular line of chewable enzymes and probiotics is expanding to the No-Fenol enzyme product. Chewable No-Fenol should be ready for orders next week (watch for date to be announced at the website). No-Fenol was developed by Dr. Devin Houston for those requesting support for hard-to-digest fruits and vegetables. No-Fenol has already been a big seller in capsules and bulk powder.

    Customer Story: Enzymes Made a Difference

    from Sandra Holland

    My son, Michael, was diagnosed with Autism at age 4 1/2. When he was about five years old, I started the gluten free-casein free diet. Not only did we not see any noticeable improvement, the diet was difficult and expensive.

    I had been doing research on the Internet and found Houston enzymes. I joined a group which gave me an opportunity to ask other parents about the experiences they had with Houston enzymes. It took a while, but I decided to try the enzymes.

    At the time I introduced the enzymes, my son made very little eye contact and had lost his communication skills. He had about three words that he spoke. I will admit, the first three weeks on the enzymes were very difficult. But then, almost three weeks to the day, we started seeing improvements. We were amazed and overjoyed.

    Pre-enzymes my son rarely had a "normal" bowel movement. He was either constipated or he had diarrhea. For Michael, it took about ten weeks before his bowel movements were consistently better - more "normal". After that, I added probiotics and since then he's been "regular". Also, he started gaining weight (which was a good thing) a few months into enzyme use.

    Since then, I have recommended Houston enzymes to many people. To the best of my knowledge, everyone who has tried them has experienced positive results.

    I know for our family, and especially for my son, the Houston enzymes made a difference.

    Sandra Holland
    Gallatin, Tennessee

    "Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever?"

    Should a feverish person eat little or nothing, as the old saying suggests? YES! During fever, all the body's functions are occurring amid increased physiological stress. Stimulating digestion by eating during such stress overstimulates the parasympathetic nervous system when the sympathetic nervous system is already active. As a result, it is possible that during a fever the body could misinterpret some substances absorbed from the gut as allergens.

    Also, excessive fever can, on rare occasions, trigger seizures, collapse and delirium--all of which can be further complicated by recent eating.

    Dr. Houston Interviews and Lectures

    Upcoming Interviews and Lectures Include:

  • Autism Society of Collin County, Plano, Texas; February 7.
  • Autism Society of America-Los Angeles "Working Together for Autism" Conference; February 25.
  • Hunterdon County, New Jersey, autism support group; April 19. Contact msbonniemac
  • "HelpASAP " (Autism Support Access in Phoenix) and "ROK" (Recovering Our Kids), Phoenix, Arizona; April 25.
  • Nutrition Marketplace Lecture held at Comfort Inn, Urbandale, Iowa; May 6. Email Cindy Kelley, or call Steve Weiss at 515-225-8100.
  • Autism One Conference, Chicago; May 26-28.

    More information about Dr. Houston here. Dr. Houston speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences. Check for Calendar Updates.

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