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Issue 13, May/June 2006

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Devin Houston, Ph.D.

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  • From Devin Houston: Dosing Enzymes
  • Guest Column: Supplement-Drug Interactions
  • Special Offer for USAAA Conference
  • Dr. Houston's Upcoming Interviews & Lectures

  • From Devin Houston: Dosing Enzymes

    The amount of enzyme taken in a dose is dependent upon the amount eaten, not by age or body weight. No harm can come from taking "too much" enzyme. The more enzyme taken, the faster the food is broken down.

    It is preferable to give enzymes with the first few bites of the meal or just prior to mealtime (10 -15 minutes). But the important point is to take the enzyme, if not at the beginning, then during or after eating. Food stays in the stomach from 1 to 3 hours, therefore, introducing enzymes anytime during the meal will still provide benefits.

    Feel free to experiment with dosing to find the level that best suits your child?s individual needs. No toxicity or side effects have been found at any level of enzyme dosing.

    We recently added our Dosing Chart to the website. This may be helpful in starting a new product.

    Guest Column: Supplement-Drug Interactions


    I am Stephen J. Weiss, Pharmacist and owner of Nutrition Marketplace in Clive, Iowa. I will be writing columns in future newsletters and discussing topics of importance dealing with overall health for individuals in traditional and non-traditional ways.

    In today's society, a few physicians, as well as medical practitioners, are accepting non-traditional therapies. As we know, there is still a long road ahead.

    My reason for writing today is first of all, to offer free consultations to anyone interested, but most importantly, to make people aware that there can be conflicting issues between herbs, vitamins, supplements, etc... and prescription drugs. Since supplements can be purchased freely without prescriptions, most people consider them safe. To see if there are any interactions, please check with a qualified professional.

    We stock over 1600 supplements, including Dr. Houston's enzymes. If you have questions about supplement-drug interactions or want to suggest a topic for a future article, please contact me.

    Thank You,
    Steve Weiss

    Special Offer for USAAA Conference

    The 2006 USAAA International Conference will be August 9-12, in Park City, Utah. There will be 34 speakers from three different countries; 4 days and over 50 hours of presentations, workshops, book discussion groups, and more; 14 non-concurrent sessions; and access to over 40 national and international exhibitors displaying products that you can use today.

    US Autism &Asperger Association is offering a special discounted registration rate for the USAAA 2006 International Conference to individuals and groups who received this information through an agency or company participating in the group rate. Register by July 10th and receive the USAAA member discount group rate. To receive the discount,click on the Register Now (Member or Group) button at ation.htm. On the registration form, type "the group name" in the text box at the bottom of the page.

    Dr. Houston will be a speaker at the USAAA conference, and HNI will be an exhibitor.

    Dr. Houston's Upcoming Interviews & Lectures
    Patti and Devin

    Pictured at right is Patti Fritchman and Dr. Houston after their recent presentations to the Hunterdon County Autism Support Group in Flemington, New Jersey. Patti's son was one of HNI's early customer success stories.

    Upcoming Presentations:

  • Autism One, Chicago; May 26-28.
  • ASA Conference, Providence, Rhode Island; July 13-15.
  • US Autism & Asperger's Association Conference, Park City, Utah; August 9-12.
  • HEAR (Helping Educate about Autism Recovery) parent support group, Little Rock, Arkansas; September 18. Contact Susan at

    More information about Dr. Houston here. Dr. Houston speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences. For Calendar Updates, check or email Cindy Kelley.

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