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Issue 15, September/October 2006

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Devin Houston, Ph.D.

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  • From Devin Houston
  • New Chewable: Nordic Berries Multi-Vitamin
  • 7 Tips for Starting an Enzyme Product
  • Testimonial: No-Fenol Saved My Diet
  • Dr. Houston's Event Schedule

  • From Devin Houston

    We at HNI are snowed under with enzyme orders! Some customers took a "sabbatical" to try other companies' enzyme products and decided to come back to us, for which we are grateful.

    Take a look at my speaking schedule below: it is packed! Be sure to attend if one is near you. HNI will be exhibiting this week at the DAN! conference in Seattle. Come by and see us if you are attending.

    I'll be back next month with more informative articles. Remember that we archive the newsletters on our website. 'Til next time!

    New Chewable: Nordic Berries Multi-Vitamin
    Nordic Berries

    Nordic Berries is a new, soft, chewable multi-vitamin produced by Nordic Naturals and offered by Houston Nutraceuticals. This delicious multivitamin makes an ideal companion to HNI's chewable enzymes.

    * NO artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives
    * Vegetarian
    * Pectin based
    * Allergen-free
    * Delicious sweet-n-sour taste
    * Easy to chew

    Nordic Berries have 120 Gummies per bottle. See our Nordic Berries page for more information and to order.

    7 Tips for Starting an Enzyme Product

    Starting enzymes is typically easy, with results seen within a month, if not sooner. To get started, try our Tips:

    1. Start low and go slow. See our Dosing Chart for baby steps on introducing enzymes.

    2. Introduce enzymes at the beginning of a weekend or holiday break, in case of any adjustment period.

    3. One thing at a time. Don't begin other supplements or therapies at the same time so you know what effects you are seeing from enzymes.

    4. Keep a journal of results or jot them on a calendar.

    5. Inform teachers and therapists you are adding enzymes so they can respond appropriately to any changes.

    6. Read Houston Nutraceuticals' FAQ page.

    7. If any negatives are seen, drop back to a lower dose or stop enzymes. Consider retrying after several days. Call HNI or email with questions. You can speak directly to the scientist who formulates your enzymes.

    Remember that enzymes are safe and effective!

    Testimonial: No-Fenol Saved My Diet

    I met Dr Houston the summer of 2005, when I had suddenly become hypersensitive to almost any and all produce. Specifically, it was produce with high levels of salicylates and phenols, but most people aren't nerdy enough to figure that out. Every time I ate something more phenol/salicylic than a skinned pear, I'd have clusters of seizures. Not acceptable.

    While at the ASA conference, I mentioned this to Dr Houston and how it was a big pain in the neck and not very nutritionally sound - rice, cheese, meat, and peas do not a diet make. He gave me samples of the No-Fenol, which I waited to try until I got home & was very well supervised (berry fest 2 months prior lead to an hour of grand mal, no thanks).

    I started "small", with an apple. NO SEIZURES. Then we tried a whole SALAD. Still no seizures! Even though I was in the throes of bizarre sensitivities and new allergies. I could have my fruit and vegetables as long as I took a capsule with them.

    Now, in 2006, I am a lot healthier than I was when I met Dr Houston and his people in July of 2005. I can also now indulge in slightly more produce than is involved in the healthier version of the standard American diet without a problem. But when berry season rolled around, I was glad I still had the No-Fenol around. It saved my diet and allows me to eat fruits, vegetables, spices...things that AREN'T rice, peas, and pears- none of which I will eat at present moment.

    Kassiane A. Sibley

    Dr. Houston's Event Schedule

    Dr. Houston recently presented at the USAAA International Conference, pictured at right.

    Upcoming Events:

  • Seattle, Washington: DAN! Conference, 10/6-10/8, 2006 (HNI will be an exhibitor).
  • Cortland, NY: Cortland Advocates for Autism Awareness, 10/10/2006. Contact Crystal Gilmore 607-753-3878.
  • Pensacola, FL: Autism Society of the Panhandle, 10/17/2006. Contact Lisa Branton.
  • Lisle, IL: Enzyme Seminar, 10/24/2006. Email Amy Wieder or call Christiane Kuechler Williams at 630-420-9721.
  • Wassua, WI: Central Wisconsin ASA Chapter, 11/2/2006. Contact Dale Prahl 845-5524 or Chris Hess 675-6367.
  • Powell, OH: Central Ohio Biomedical Support Group Meeting, 11/9/2006. Contact Angela Shoemaker 614-529-7463.
  • Fort Smith, AR: FEAT, 11/16/2006. Contact Mandy Steele.
  • Springfield, MO: ANJEL (A Natural Journey toward Empowered Lives), 1/16/2007. Contact Lisa Slattery.
  • Bournemouth, England: Treating Autism Conference, 2/9-2/10, 2007 (speaking on 2/10).
  • Lexington, Kentucky: Bluegrass Autism Symposium, 2/24/2007.

    Dr. Houston holds an earned PhD in Biochemistry and has extensive research background in enzymes. He speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences. Check for Calendar Updates.

    To request a presentation, contact Cindy Kelley on our toll free Events Line at 1-866-275-0915 or

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