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Issue 16, November/December 2006

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Devin Houston, Ph.D.

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  • From Devin Houston
  • Pass the Stuffing and the Zyme Prime
  • Tips for Getting Kids to Take Supplements
  • Success Story: "Your Enzymes Have Had a Profound Impact"
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  • From Devin Houston

    Those Amazing Enzymes!

    I try to keep up with all the latest news concerning enzymes. Not just digestive enzymes, but any enzyme. My Internet searches are pulling in larger number of hits. Let me share a few of these items with you, and see if you’re not as amazed as I.

    1. Diversa Corporation has obtained approval from the EPA to use their Purifine enzyme for use in increasing efficiency of oilseed processing for production of biodiesel.

    2. Researchers at McMaster University are studying the use of an enzyme from bat saliva to protect stroke victims. A genetically engineered variant of the bat enzyme may prevent the blood clots that kill stroke victims.

    3. Dyadic International is involved in developing fungal strains to produce enzymes that convert various agricultural and waste products such as corn, wheat straw, switch grass and sugar cane into fermentable sugars, which can then be used to produce ethanol for fuel.

    4. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth and Cornell Medical College have found that an enzyme called ADAM10 may be the trigger for IgE-mediated allergies. This may lead to a method of preventing, rather than just controlling, asthma and other allergic diseases.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    The renewed interest in enzyme technology and research is due to the fact that enzymes are points of regulation in metabolism. If you control the enzyme that causes a reaction, you can control the reaction.

    Interestingly enough, our customers already know this. Enzymes can control many of the intolerances produced by certain foods. Customizing your enzyme intake based on an individual’s particular dietary makeup allows control over the effects produced by foods.

    I wonder what the next year of research will bring?

    Pass the Stuffing and the Zyme Prime
    Zyme Prime

    Are you dreaming about Thanksgiving dinner but dreading that Why-did-I-go-back-for-seconds feeling afterward?

    Many people assume that some discomfort after gobbling down a meal is normal. But bloating and gassiness have met their match: Zyme Prime.

    Zyme Prime's cornucopia of enzymes supports digestion by breaking down complex carbs, starches, fats, and proteins. Zyme Prime excels at carbohydrate hydrolysis. This results in less bloating and gas production, as well as helping certain food problems such as lactose intolerance.

    Zyme Prime is an excellent product for general digestive support for anyone. Share it with your feasting relatives and they'll be giving thanks.

    Tips for Getting Kids to Take Supplements

    We now have an online paper in our FAQ section full of information for Getting Kids to Take Supplements. It includes:

    • Questions & answers about giving kids enzymes
    • Ideas for mixing enzymes in food and drink
    • Taking enzymes away from home
    • Recipes for enzyme gummies and chocolates
    • Helpful links

    Success Story: "Your Enzymes Have Had a Profound Impact"

    Dear Dr. Houston,

    It was a pleasure for Steve and I to meet you at the USAAA conference in Salt Lake City in August. We hope you are well. Being the skeptics that we are, we wanted to be sure that what we thought we were seeing with our son and your enzymes was real, before we drew any conclusions. Since school was starting shortly after we returned from the conference, we were reluctant to challenge the GFCF [gluten-free, casein-free] diet. We then made our first attempt over Labor Day weekend. Charlie had no reaction to eating breading on fish, a roll and a piece of my Mom's apple pie. Those items would have typically made him very irritable, emotional, interfered with his ability to focus on tasks and given him a headache (sometimes to the point of making him sick in the stomach).

    Since then, each weekend we have challenged the diet, giving 2-3 enzymes prior to the meal. Last weekend, we ceremoniously ordered 'pizza and breadsticks' from our favorite pizza joint (which we have not had in years) and Charlie joyously ate what he wanted with zero negative affects!!! Do you have any idea how huge this is to his life (and the family)? Charlie is 17 and has been GFCF since 2001 and it is such a hardship...every holiday, party, football game, etc. is 'a bummer' for him (and therefore us), since most events revolve around food. You have changed all that and we thank you.

    Obviously, we will be ordering more and need to know how long the enzymes keep their effectiveness? Also, do you sell them in bulk? And thirdly, could you please sign a form stating that you will never go out of business?!?!?!

    We had often used an enzyme product from another company for holidays, etc. and I always felt guilty for letting him eat the non-GFCF foods because I knew the enzymes did very little for him and he would feel horrible for a couple of days. Your enzymes have had a profound impact on our lives!

    With heartfelt thanks,

    Jan M. Receski
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Dr. Houston's Event Schedule

    To request a Presentation or our DVD for your group, contact Cindy Kelley on our toll free Events Line at 1-866-275-0915 or

    Dr. Houston will be speaking at:

  • Fort Smith, AR: FEAT, 11/16/2006. Contact Mandy Steele.
  • Springfield, MO: ANJEL (A Natural Journey toward Empowered Lives), 1/16/2007. Contact Lisa Slattery.
  • Bournemouth, England: Treating Autism Conference, 2/9-2/10/2007 (speaking on 2/10).
  • Lexington, Kentucky: Bluegrass Autism Symposium, 2/24/2007.
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan: Autism Society of Kent County, 3/6/2007. Contact Celia Andrus.
  • Madera, California: Autism Expo, 3/30-3/31/2007. Contact Diana Olivarria-Alvarado.

    See our Events Calendar for additional meeting details.

    Dr. Houston holds an earned PhD in Biochemistry and has an extensive research background in enzymes. He speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences. Check for Calendar Updates.

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