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Issue 18, March/April 2007

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  • Which One?
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  • "Enzymes Really Changed Our Lives"
  • Happy Report from Parent Group Visit
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  • Which One?

    From Devin Houston, Ph.D.

    "How do I know which enzyme to use?"

    This is probably our #1 question. Once you are familiar with how enzymes work, and how HNI's formulas are put together, the answer is easy. I can tell you what my thinking process is when I am asked that question.

    1. What is the parent's primary concern? I gauge the concern by what the parent says about her child. If I hear phrases like "loose stools", "low weight", "picky eater", "carb craver", etc., then I usually recommend starting with Zyme Prime. If the parent complains about the difficulty of doing the diets, or the child is wanting more freedom to eat "like his friends do", or I hear the parent wanting to improve gluten- and casein-connected behaviors, then I recommend the high-protease AFP Peptizyde.

    2. Are there food-related allergies? Skin rashes, rough patches on elbows, and not restricting gluten clue me into the possibility of gluten intolerance. We can achieve better digestion of gluten through the use of protease enzymes, so AFP Peptizyde would be suggested.

    3. Is constipation a problem? If so, then we want to avoid using Zyme Prime alone, as it decreases and firms the stools, sometimes to the point of making bowel movements more difficult. In this case, I want to add the No-Fenol product, as it tends to soften the food mass in the gut. If Zyme Prime is needed, the No-Fenol can be added to counteract the stool-hardening properties of Zyme Prime.

    4. Does the child have red cheeks and/or ears after eating certain fruits? This can be a phenolic intolerance that may be helped by using No-Fenol. "Shiners" under the eyes may also be an indicator.

    As with any supplement, results can vary with the individual and there is always the exception. But most can use the above as a guide for starting enzymes. The great thing about enzymes is that they are not harmful at any level of dosing, so you can experiment to find the best combination for your particular needs.

    Customer Questions

    Q: Should I be concerned about the post office irradiating enzymes?

    A: Irradiation does nothing to enzymes, it only affects things that are alive, like bacteria and viruses.

    Q: The school nurse wants to know if she can give enzymes to my child 30 minutes before lunch, due to scheduling challenges. Is that too far in advance?

    A: Optimal timing is to give enzymes at the beginning of the meal. If 30 minutes before is the only time they can give the enzymes at school, it's better than not doing it at all. The enzymes should still be good.

    Q: Our three-year-old granddaughter has always had a problem with hard stools, sometimes going for over a week without having a bowel movement. A doctor told our daughter that it is natural for some children to go for 10 days without a bowel movement. But when our granddaughter was here, she seemed to have such a struggle with it and her stools were gigantic. She seems to be very rebellious at home and at school. Do you have any suggestions in how we can help her?

    A: It is NOT normal to have 1 bowel movement in 10 days; once a day is considered "normal". Try 1 Zyme Prime capsule and 1 No-Fenol capsule per meal. The Zyme Prime should decrease the size of her stools, and the No-Fenol should soften them. If not, stop the Zyme Prime and give 2 No-Fenol per meal until you see the stool becoming softer.

    Read our most frequently asked questions.

    "Enzymes Really Changed Our Lives"
    Sandy and Eddie

    Enzymes really changed our lives.

    This is a picture of Eddie a day after we had worked up to the correct dose of HNI enzymes. This was the first time he had ever touched a spoon in his life. He had only previously been fed by distraction.

    He was stick thin at this point having not digested anything much for too long - we were worried sick.

    We had nothing at all to lose - the general practitioner was doing home visits - life was very scary. You can see it looks like I'm not holding Eddie. He got very distressed by touch and by us being too close - it was all very difficult. We had to work out ways to balance him on our knee and hold on to his clothes.

    But you can see in this picture he's smiling - suddenly he was engaged and wanted to not only touch the spoon (and boy had we tried hard for months) but he wanted to play with food. We got all his little puree jars out and let him make as much mess as he wanted. He was feeding himself in no time. Who would believe enzymes could make such a change?

    Sandy Woolley
    Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

    Happy Report from Parent Group Visit
    Katherine and Daughter

    In October I was lucky enough to book Dr. Houston to speak to my local parent support group. The evening was such a success not only in that we had a large turnout, but several people I know (children as well as adults) have tried the enzymes since with very positive results. I know they would not have tried them had they not heard Dr. Houston speak in person.

    Not only did Dr. Houston give an interesting (and even entertaining) presentation, he was willing and able to answer the many questions curious parents had - even though he was suffering from a serious case of jet-lag! He was very laid back and made everyone feel comfortable talking with him.

    The evening meant a great deal to me since Houston enzymes were the first major stepping stone in bringing my daughter into our world from her isolated one. Before enzymes she had many digestive and behavioral problems including bowel irritation, sleeplessness, spaciness, sound sensitivity - the list goes on. Houston enzymes truly saved her and made it possible for her to move on with her life. We had tried special diets, but her food choices had become so limited that she just wasn't getting the nutrition she needed.

    Today Cassandra is a happy, healthy 13-year-old young lady who, with enzymes, can eat whatever she wants!! We owe so much to Dr. Houston because I look at my daughter today and can barely recognize her from the child she was 5 years ago before enzymes. I am so grateful to him for helping my daughter and for coming to speak to other parents so they can help their children as well.

    Katherine Mead
    Homer, New York

    Dr. Houston's Event Schedule

    To request a Presentation or our DVD for your group, contact Cindy Kelley on our toll free Events Line at 1-866-275-0915 or

    Dr. Houston will be speaking and/or exhibiting at:

  • Madera, California: GLAD Conference, 3/30/2007. Contact Diana Alvarado at (559) 662-0651.

  • Alexandria, Virginia: Defeat Autism Now! Conference (Exhibitor only); 4/20-4/22/2007.

  • Chicago, Illinois: Autism One, 5/25-5/27/2007.

  • Phoenix, Arizona: ASA Conference, (Exhibitor only); 7/12-7/14/2007.

  • Denver, Colorado: USAAA Conference, 8/9-8/11/2007.

  • Little Rock, Arkansas: Mini-DAN! Conference, (Exhibitor only); 9/21-9/23/2007. Contact Susan Booher

    See our Events Calendar for details and updates.

    Dr. Houston holds an earned PhD in Biochemistry and has an extensive research background in enzymes. He speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences.

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