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Issue 20, July/August 2007

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  • The Basics
    Dr. Devin Houston

    The Basics of Digestive Enzymes as Dietary Supplements

    by Dr. Devin Houston

    What are enzymes?
    Enzymes are specialized proteins that accelerate chemical reactions that otherwise would not occur under conditions to sustain life. The enzyme itself does not change during the reaction, but changes one compound (known as the "substrate") into another (known as the "product").

    Enzymes are involved in almost every metabolic function in any living organism. There are over 10,000 separate and distinct enzymes that have been characterized.

    Each enzyme usually has only one function, or works on one substrate to produce one product; therefore, enzymes demonstrate specificity in their function.

    Not all enzymes are useful when taken orally. Metabolic enzymes are types of enzymes that work inside of specific cells and taken orally cannot be directed to enter the correct cell from the digestive tract. Digestive enzymes, however, are active orally as they do not need to enter a specific cell to perform their function.

    How do digestive enzymes work?
    Digestive enzymes include proteases/peptidases (break down proteins/peptides), carbohydrases (break down carbohydrates), and lipases (break down triglyceride fats). Proteins are degraded to peptides and amino acids, carbohydrates to sugars, and triglycerides to fatty acids by breaking specific chemical bonds within the compound.

    Are enzymes safe?
    Yes. Studies have determined that the great majority of orally available enzymes produce no toxicity or adverse side effects, even when taken in extremely large doses (see references 1-10).

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    Customer Questions

    Q: I'm just not sure which Enzyme product to buy for my son, who is 2. His continuing problems are very bad attention, poor sleeping patterns, and tantrums. He does make mushy stools with occasional bouts of diarrhea.

    He eats a LOT of carbs, and they seem to be one of the ONLY things he eats without giving us a hard time. He has very little sugar in his diet except what's in fruit. He LOVES fruit and eats a lot of it, which I always thought was what was causing his mushy stools.

    We attempted to do the "Gluten Free" diet and it was a disaster. He was practically starving himself then to go without his favorite foods. I don't ever want to go through the nightmare of doing the "diet" again. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    A: Try the Zyme Prime first, see if his stools get firmer. If that goes well, then consider adding the AFP Peptizyde, which will be similar to using the GFCF diet, but without the hassle.

    Q: I have been purchasing your enzymes for almost a year now. I read on a website that protease [protein-digesting enzyme] as a product creates MSG during processing. I don't really understand how MSG is created - could please educate me on this matter? I don't have any other alternatives for enzymes, so I will continue taking the product, as it has helped my son in so many ways.

    A: I've heard this before, and it is not accurate. Protease enzymes do not "cause" MSG or create MSG. All proteases do is release amino acids from proteins. Glutamate is an amino acid, a rather important acid for nutrition. There is an enzymatic process for conversion of glutamate to monosodium glutamate (which is not an amino acid), but that enzyme is not present in humans. So any MSG that would be ingested would be deliberately added to foods. Protease enzyme supplements do not contain MSG. The confusion comes from people seeing the term "protein hydrolysate" in many things that have MSG in them, and assume that the proteases contributed to the MSG. That is not the case.

    Q: We have just started using AFP-Peptizyde with our son. I have heard of some interesting ways to give the enzyme, so I decided to try it with a recipe my son already likes. I add the right amount of enzyme to a recipe of:
    1 part peanut butter, 1 part honey, 1 1/2 parts powdered milk. I mix well and then divide into small balls.
    Will the enzymes store well in this ball if refrigerated for a few days or do I need to freeze the balls and take out as needed?

    After adjusting him to AFP-Peptizyde we also plan to use Zyme Prime. Will it be OK to add both enzymes to the balls at the same time? Also, if I am giving the enzyme in liquid, can I mix both enzymes in a small amount of liquid to drink just prior to a meal?

    A: Yes, it should be fine in the peanut butter/honey mix in the fridge for several days. Both those foods will act to protect the enzyme activity. Freezing should let them last for several weeks. You can add any enzymes in combination, no problem. Same for adding to liquids.

    Q: I am breastfeeding my 8-month-old son who has problems with spitting up. He is not taking any medication for this. In the past week I have gone on the GFCF diet and it seems to have improved his spitting up a good bit. I have spoken to two different nutritionists who recommended Enzymes. However, they have differing opinions on who should take them - me or my son. Are enzymes going to help with his problem? Should I be taking them or should my son take them?

    A: I suggest that you take the enzymes, especially AFP Peptizyde, if you are only breastfeeding the baby. That should ensure that proteins are digested and no peptides cross over into your milk. The fact that baby's spitting up is less while you are GFCF is indicative that you should be taking the enzymes.

    Read our most frequently asked questions.

    New Product Coming Soon

    We are pleased to announce a new Houston Enzyme product arriving near the end of summer.

    The formulation will be for those who already know they need a combination of AFP-Peptizyde, Zyme Prime and
    No-Fenol. The new blend will be an economical and convenient alternative, and still high in DPP IV activity. It will be in capsule form.

    Watch for an email alert and check our website for the arrival of this exciting new enzyme formula.

    "Your Enzymes Have Done the Trick"
    James Williams

    By Joan Matthews

    I first heard of Dr. Houston's enzymes in 2002, in the kitchen of a sleepover camp for special needs kids. Two other mothers and I were staying near the camp so we could prepare special meals for our sons. My son James was on a gluten-free diet, another mother's son was on the specific carbohydrate diet, and the third mother's son was eating a well-balanced diet and taking Dr. Houston's enzymes.

    The mom whose son was taking enzymes told me that he had gone from an out-of-control, out-of-touch kid with digestive problems to a happy, social guy. And indeed, I saw him hanging out and interacting normally and appropriately with other kids in the pool. This mom told me all about the enzymes, and said that when her son first took them, he actually went through a withdrawal period, as if he were coming off a drug. After that, his personality changed for the better.

    Since my son James had suffered from chronic stomach problems, including gluten-induced migraines and severe stomachaches, I couldn't wait to go home and try the enzymes. We had experimented with acid neutralizers, simple antacids, etc., but somehow this didn't seem to be the route he needed, and in fact, he seemed to get worse with every prescription drug we'd tried.

    When we got home from camp, I ordered the complete set of enzymes. Right after starting enzymes, James's stomach discomfort was either greatly diminished after a meal or not occur at all, and instead of a severe migraine, his allergic reaction to gluten would be some mild sniffles. James took the enzymes for about six months and his digestion was so much improved that he then used them only on occasion.

    However, as James started traveling on his own and taking more classes at the local high school (he was homeschooled until 16), he started eating more unhealthy food and gluten, and his stomach issues returned.

    If he takes the enzymes, he has no stomach trouble. If he forgets his enzymes, he wakes up in bad pain. So, I try to give the enzymes to him every night nowadays, to ward off any morning discomfort (when it is the worst). For him, those pills are the difference between waking up with a bad stomachache or waking up feeling normal.

    I plan to give James your enzymes for the rest of his life.

    James needs to boost his digestion, not impair it, and your enzymes have done the trick. Best regards,

    Joan Matthews
    Co-author with son James Williams,
    The Self-Help Guide for Special Kids and their Parents
    James' Website:

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    Dr. Houston's Event Schedule

    To request a Free, Live Presentation - or our DVD - for your group, contact Cindy Kelley on our toll-free Events Line at
    1-866-275-0915 or

    Dr. Houston will be speaking and/or exhibiting at:

  • Denver, CO: USAAA Conference, 8/8-8/11/07.
  • Little Rock, AR: Mini-DAN! Conference (Exhibitor only), 9/22/07; Clinician's Seminar 9/23/07. Contact Susan Booher
  • Frederick, MD: SPD Parent Connections, 9/25/07. Contact Mary Ann Mood
  • Garden Grove, CA: DAN! Conference (Exhibitor only) 10/12-10/15/07.
  • Wrentham, MA: Helping HANDS (Helping Heal Autism & Neurobiological DisorderS) Parent Support Group 10/29/07. Contact Cheryl Gaudino
  • . Rochester, MI - Oakland University: Jack's Place Parent Support Group, 11/01/07. Contact Jessica Watson at
  • Pasadena, CA: Pasadena Child Development Associates (PCDA), 11/14/07. Contact Twyla Ramos at

    See our Events Calendar for details and updates.

    Dr. Houston holds an earned PhD in Biochemistry and has an extensive research background in enzymes. He speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences.

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