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Issue 22, November/December 2007

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  • From Devin Houston

    Another year gone by. They seem to go so quickly now, but maybe that's due to my advancing age!

    2007 was eventful for us. We presented at numerous conferences, had the pleasure of meeting many of you, and we seemed to always be traveling somewhere. Many advances have been made to help families with special needs, and we hope that only increases in the coming year.

    We gained new friends and supporters. Sadly, we lost our friend Michael Lang of Brainchild Nutritionals. We hope his children can still have a happy holiday season, despite the loss of their dad.

    Thank you for all the nice emails and photos; they have a special place on our "Wall of Fame". We are going to try and get some rest over the holidays, re-tool our message, and get ready for next year's travels and events. Have a great holiday season, and hope to see you next year!

    Devin Houston

    TriEnza Update

    Many customers using TriEnza gave us very positive feedback; however, testing on the TriEnza showed significantly lower DPP IV enzyme levels than our new supplier had initially indicated. Our goal is to provide a product with levels as close to our AFP-Peptizyde as possible.

    We will be switching TriEnza production to the same supplier we use for
    AFP-Peptizyde, Zyme Prime and No-Fenol. To increase DPP IV, 2 capsules will be needed.

    We will continue to fill your requests for the current TriEnza until the newest version is ready. We hope shipments of the new product will be ready in a few weeks - watch the website for updates.

    We have had some customers mention the strong taste of original TriEnza when the capsule is opened. Adjustments to the formula should mean the product will taste better when mixed with food or drink.

    The new TriEnza will have a blend of:
    1 AFP Peptizyde
    1 Zyme Prime (minus the cellulase)
    1/2 capsule No-Fenol (Xylanse).

    TriEnza will not have cellulase so that it does not interfere with time-released medications. TriEnza aids in digestion of food proteins; including gluten, casein, and soy; starches; carbohydrates; sugars (including lactose); and fats.

    We will accommodate any changes you wish to make to your order at 866-757-8627 or Contact me personally with concerns at or at

    Q & A

    Your questions answered by
    Dr. Houston:

    Q: How does Xylanase in No-Fenol diminish the effect of the phenol intolerance?

    A: I stand on the theory that the phenols have been modified by the addition of sugar groups, which the Xylanase enzymes remove, allowing the phenol to be metabolized "properly".

    Q: I heard that high DPP IV activity can deplete B12 in patients with CBS [Cystathionine Beta Synthase] or Soux mutations - is this true?

    A: I cannot find any reference in the medical literature to anything stating that DPP IV can deplete B12 under any scenario. Sulfite oxidase mutations do not effect DPP IV as far as I know; again, I find no references to such.

    Some people got all excited that the CD26 white blood cell has DPP IV activity, but this is a different enzyme from the DPP IV found in the gut, and plays no role in digestion. But I still find no mention of CD26 DPP IV activity and B12 depletion.

    Q: I have found that I am quite sensitive to MSG. Does Peptizyde break down gluten into glutamate (and presumably even further)? I am wondering if Peptizyde also will help digest MSG, making it harmless?

    A: Peptizyde breaks proteins down to amino acids, such as glutamine (not glutamate). This is the simplest unit of structure for proteins, and cannot be reduced further. MSG is a "modified" amino acid, and as such will not be broken down any further by protease enzymes.

    Q: Can I start both AFP-Peptizyde and Zyme Prime together?

    A: You may take our enzyme products in combination, but it's best to start them one at a time. This way, you know what is helping or not helping.

    Read our most frequently asked questions.

    Your Letters

    Dear Dr. Houston,

    Thank you so so much! It was a wonderful, interesting, helpful presentation! My son has been on Houston Enzymes for quite a while now, and it was exciting that the creator of those enzymes could be at our meeting! I know the information will be beneficial to many of those who attended.

    And, thanks for how much your enzymes have helped my son. This is truly remarkable science.

    Twyla Ramos
    Foothill Autism Alliance, Inc.
    Pasadena, CA

    Dr. Houston,

    When I found out my godson, Jonathan, was having challenges, I wanted to help in anyway that I could. Jonathan's mother, Joanne, initially sought out professional help and it was a key component to his road to recovery. However, Joanne knew that more could be done and she asked for my help because she knew that I had a passion for nutrition.

    I helped Joanne rid their diet of processed foods and recommended three supplements: cod liver oil, probiotics and Houston Enzymes. Over a short period of time, Jonathan's overall demeanor improved. Joanne is excited to tell people that Jonathan is now attending regular preschool - and that he is doing great!

    Daniel Corrigan
    Huntington Woods, MI

    Dr. Houston's Event Schedule

    To request a Free, Live Presentation or our DVD for your group, contact Cindy Kelley on our toll-free Events Line at
    1-866-275-0915 or

    Dr. Houston will be speaking and/or exhibiting at:

  • Katy, Texas: Quarterly Health & Wellness Workshop, 2/2/08. Contact Allison Bognar at
  • Merrillville, Indiana: Northwest Indiana Chapter of NAA, 2/21/08. Contact Lisa Fox at
  • Cherry Hill, New Jersey: Defeat Autism Now! Conference (exhibitor only), 4/4- 4/7/2008.
  • Sacramento, CA: FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment), 5/21/08. Contact Bruce Kaminski at
  • Chicago, IL: Autism One Conference, 5/22-5/24/09.

    See our Events Calendar for details and updates.

    Dr. Houston holds an earned PhD in Biochemistry and has an extensive research background in enzymes. He speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences.

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