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TriEnza Translated

From Dr. Houston:
TriEnzaTriEnza is the latest product from Houston Enzymes - and a popular one. It is a broad-spectrum enzyme that addresses the digestive issues of those needing high-dose protein and carbohydrate enzymes.  TriEnza combines the best enzymes from our mainstay products AFP-Peptizyde, Zyme Prime and No-Fenol.

AFP-Peptizyde is a blend of specific enzymes called proteases, for digestion of proteins found in most meals. AFP-Peptizyde is especially good for enhancing the breakdown of gluten and casein protein found in wheat and dairy, respectively. It is the successor to the initial Houston offering of Peptizyde which contained papain, a protease enzyme derived from the latex of papaya stem. Customer feedback indicated that some were sensitive to the latex-derived enzymes, so AFP-Peptizyde was developed as a functional equivalent.

Zyme Prime was the "offspring" of HN-Zyme Prime, again one of the first enzymes offered by Houston Nutraceuticals and initially positioned as a mild "broad-spectrum" enzyme product. It too contained papain as well as bromelain - an enzyme derived from the latex of pineapple stem. As a continuation of the trend to remove latex-derived proteases from subsequent formulations, we developed Zyme Prime. During the formulation, we decided to target the products for specific digestive purposes. Peptizyde and AFP-Peptizyde were best for digesting protein, and Zyme Prime for carbohydrate malabsorption problems. As a result, all proteases save one were removed from Zyme Prime, for those who wanted a single enzyme product to address the most common digestive problems. For those who wished total digestive help, both AFP and Zyme Prime could be used together.

No-Fenol was a product we formulated at customers' requests for the problem of intolerance to certain highly phenolic fruits and vegetables. This product is able to address that problem primarily through the activity of the xylanase enzyme, which happens to contain other enzymes thought to address the complex structures of plant cell walls. Since most of these foods tend to be high in fiber, cellulase was added as an additional agent, but the majority of benefit comes from the xylanase enzyme.

We resisted creating a "combo" enzyme product for some time for several reasons: One, the use of enzymes targeted to a particular food group allows you to determine the level of intolerance to that food group. Two, using fewer kinds of enzymes per capsule allows more of a specific enzyme per capsule, which decreased the dosage to 1 capsule per meal for many customers. Three, most people do not necessarily require every digestive enzyme for every meal. Having enzymes available in this manner allows you to customize your enzyme use for your particular digestive needs.

So, why produce a true broad-spectrum enzyme product now? The simple reason is timing and convenience.

A review of our customers' purchases revealed that most were buying two or more of the current product line. The inclusion of those enzymes in one product would make life more convenient, as well as offer a cost savings.

A 2-capsule dose of TriEnza combines the total protease activity of one (1) capsule of AFP Peptizyde, the total carbohydrase enzymes found in one (1) capsule of Zyme Prime, and approximately one-half (1/2) the xylanase and accompanying enzymes found in one (1) capsule of No-Fenol, with the following adjustments: Cellulase was not added to TriEnza, primarily for those concerned about taking time- released medications with enzymes. We know that cellulase is not produced by humans, but that does not imply that cellulase is an absolute necessity. Cellulase-containing enzyme products are in abundance in the marketplace because it is one of the least expensive enzymes to manufacture. We formulated TriEnza with the enzymes we believe are most beneficial as a strong broad-spectrum product for proteins, carbs, fats, and phenols.

TriEnza is not meant to supplant our current line of high-quality enzyme products. AFP-Peptizyde, Zyme Prime, and No-Fenol will continue to be the mainstay of our company. Houston Enzymes prides itself in being responsive to our customers' needs, while continuing to use logic and scientific rationale in our product development.

Devin Houston, Ph.D.

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Q and A 
Devin HoustonYour questions answered by
Q: If I want to give extra No-Fenol with TriEnza, can I mix the products together?
A: Yes, it's fine to combine enzyme products for a customized plan.
Q: I am looking for a product that will allow me to once again eat foods like broccoli, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, cabbage, etc. without extreme discomfort.  Will TriEnza fill the bill?
A: Foods such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage contain carbohydrates that are difficult for the human GI tract to digest, which leads to excessive gas, bloating and cramps.  The carbohydrase enzymes in TriEnza can provide additional digestive power to break down these carbs.  Look for enzyme products that contain a variety of carb-busting enzymes, especially alpha-galactosidase. TriEnza and Zyme Prime would be excellent products to consider.
Q: When should I time giving enzymes with each meal?
A: It is best to give enzymes near the beginning of the meal, so that maximal contact time between enzymes and food can occur.  However, you may take the enzymes at any point during the meal or soon after and still obtain the majority of benefits.

Read our most frequently asked questions.

Coming Soon: ZyCarb 
Watch your email and the Houston Enzymes site for the launch of our new ZyCarb enzyme product. 
ZyCarb provides:
  • Better digestion of carbs and starches without constipating
  • Breaks down fats
  • Great for lactose intolerance
  • Helps gas and bloating
  • Xylanase for phenolic foods
Your Letters 

 Helping HANDS logo

 Dear Dr. Houston,


The members and co-chairs of the Helping HANDS (Helping Heal Autism & Neurobiological DisorderS) support group would like to thank you for travelling to Massachusetts in October to speak to us about the role of digestive enzymes in autism spectrum disorders. 


Your presentation was informative, entertaining, and inspiring.  Our members were thrilled to have the chance to speak with you on an individual basis after your presentation. 


We have received nothing but positive feedback!  Some of the emails we've received from attendees are copied below (with permission).  As the organizers of the event, we were so heartened to hear how some kids have responded so dramatically to enzymes. 


Again, thank you so much for everything and keep up the great work!


Cheryl Gaudino

Maria Lourlourgas

Denise Dhillon

Helping HANDS Co-Chairs



Andie, age 8+

Barely three days after introducing the Peptizyde, Andie's life long and stubborn firm stools began clearing up. But even more significant is the utterance of her first sentence in over 4 years.  She was laying in bed at night whilst I tidied her room and quietly spoke to her--never expecting a reply--but attempting conversation as always. I asked her as I usually do what she did that day at school.  This time she said some single words like "snack" and "music" and then to my complete delight she said, ""  It was slow and difficult for her but she did it and I could tell she was so proud!!!!  I started to cry...

Her speech began returning painfully slowly one difficult to understand word at a time  (she is still severely apraxic) since we introduced folinic acid about 8 months ago but this is amazing and continues to be so.  Tonight she asked for pudding!  She actually came up to me, looked me in the eye and said " I" and even though her dinner lay untouched on the table, I gave her the pudding....with enzymes of course!!!

I can't thank you enough for the selfless act of attending a small group meeting in the 'burbs of Boston...I now have evidence that there is reason for hope where before there was little.


Cheers and God Bless,
Caroline Fleming-Payne



I too am grateful for Dr. Houston's appearance in Massachusetts.  We struggle to find ways to consistently get the enzymes into my young son but we are very hopeful about the potential these products offer.  A big thank you to Dr. Houston!

Rebekah McHoul



My son has used Houston Enzymes for 4 years. That and the diet and intense ABA have taken him from nonverbal, stimming, lack of eye contact, and lack of social interest to an 8 year old who may be described by some of his peers as "a little quirky". He reads and writes at grade level and by most that meet him is just your average 8 year old boy. We will be forever grateful to to all who have helped us along the way....but especially Dr. Houston, his enzymes made a HUGE difference and it was noticeable within days after starting them.

Many Thanks,
Medway, MA



I was so thrilled to have stumbled onto your group and thus been able to attend Dr.Houston's presentation. I thought his presentation was very informative and funny.  It was not one of those dry, hard to understand presentations given by someone who acts as though they are granting you with their presence and would rather be somewhere else.  He answered questions and didn't rush.


I had no real prior experience with enzymes before, I had bought one bottle at a health food store but did not notice anything different with my 6 year old son. So after the presentation was over, I approached Dr. Houston to ask him what kind I should try from his company since I hadn't any idea what my son needed. He asked me a couple of questions and made a recommendation based on the information I gave him about my son's situation. 


My son was about to be kicked out of the program he attends in school due to his behavior.  He was acting aggressively, throwing things and was completely out of control. He was also refusing to participate and do his work.  I was at a loss of what else I could do, I had tried so many things and I was scared of what he was doing at school.  I had actually started to have physical problems myself over his behavior at school due to worry.  I had fought so hard with the school department to get him into that program and now they were telling me there was no way he could possibly stay there with his behavior and lack of cooperation.  I knew he could learn and that this program was the one for him, but he was blowing it and I didn't know what else to try.  The school and I had tried every intervention we could think of. 


I put him on the Peptizyde and within 2 weeks he stopped all the outbursts at school. The teacher said he no longer loses control and does his work--she has even used the words" calm and serene" to describe him at times


It's been a month now and he is doing great. I no longer fear the IEP meeting I have scheduled for next week. I have also added the No-Fenol.  I am soooo grateful to have found these products!  The school now sees the same child that I do and he is bringing home papers with wonderful comments.  Now that he can behave, the teacher finally realizes that HE CAN LEARN, just like I knew he was capable of.


Thank you Dr. Houston for taking the time to explain your products and to personally discuss my son's needs.  Many times, we parents have to guess which products to use, go by word of mouth and endure lots of trial and error. So to have someone such as yourself with the knowledge to help me choose a product means a lot more than you realize.


Thank you so much,

Natalie Peterson

Enzyme Events 
For organizations, Dr. Houston offers a free:
  • Live Presentation
  • Conference Call
  • Web Seminar
  • DVD 

Contact Cindy Kelley on our toll-free Events Line at
1-866-275-0915 or

Dr. Houston will be speaking and/or exhibiting at:

  • Schererville, Indiana: Northwest Indiana Chapter of NAA, 2/21/08. Contact Lisa Fox at
  • Yorba Linda, California: Henry's Martketplace, 2/28/08, 7:00-9:00 p.m.  RSVP to Henry's Natural Living Dept: 
  • Cherry Hill, New Jersey: Defeat Autism Now! Conference (exhibitor only), 4/4-4/7/2008.
  • Sacramento, CA: FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment), 5/21/08. Contact Bruce Kaminski at
  • Chicago, IL: Autism One Conference, 5/22-5/24/08.
  • Orlando, FL: Autism Society of America National Conference, 7/9-7/12/08. 

    See our Events Calendar for details and updates.

    Dr. Houston holds an earned PhD in Biochemistry and has an extensive research background in enzymes. He speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences.

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