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Houston Nutraceuticals Inc. Issue 24,  March/April 2008

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Where We Go from Here


Our 8th year: Where we go from here



This month marks the beginning of our 8thyear in the business of formulating digestive enzyme supplements. To mark the occasion, I would like to review some of our core beliefs as well as give some idea of what to expect in the future.


1. I am committed to developing enzyme products that make scientific sense.
Enzymes have zoomed into spotlight for many health issues.  Accurate information as to what enzymes can and cannot do will be necessary in order to separate fact from hype.
2. I will continue to treat my customers honestly and fairly. They come first.
We continue to find ways to help our customers, ranging from having access to my expertise (no phone consultation charges, ever!) to finding ways to obtain our products. We don't let a customer's financial problems interfere with the well-being of their family. I will continue to travel and speak to parent groups and conferences at no charge: I have never accepted speaker fees or reimbursement for travel and this policy will continue even in these times of higher cost. I count it a privilege to meet and talk with you.


3. I will continue to keep our products affordable. 
I thank you for your kind emails praising our efforts in saving you money. We keep our shipping costs as low or lower than most other companies. We do not spend lavish amounts of money on marketing and slick brochures. By keeping our overhead costs as low as possible, we can keep our products priced lower. Everyone who works at Houston Enzymes wears multiple hats, works hard and pitches in to help wherever needed. That keeps our personnel costs low.


4. We disclose all ingredients. 
As always, we continue to educate you honestly about our products. Does another company have a "special" blend that has ingredients they won't disclose?    Perhaps their blend isn't all that special, but the price tag is.  Ask us anything about our products.  We are happy to tell you exactly what we use and why. 


5. We are addressing those areas that affect our customers the most.

A new website and shopping cart will be premiering this summer. It will be designed to let you access information easily with better organization, revamped product descriptions, and the latest in news and research. Ordering products online will be much improved and more convenient.


6. More research.
I am in discussions with a leading research organization which I hope to partner with to investigate several areas of enzyme research. For too long there have been questions and concerns about the use of enzymes. No one has attempted to adequately resolve these questions in well-controlled studies. As a result, speculation and thought questions often become "reality", with no basis for acceptance or rejection. We hope to settle many of those questions in the near future.


7. Make a difference.
Many tell us that we have made their lives so much better, not just through using our products, but also by listening and caring for them as people, not customers. This will not change, and we hope to make a difference in the lives of others as well. The Houston family is actively involved in their local community. Funding of school scholarships, reviving the downtown area of their hometown to a family-oriented environment, and raising awareness of autism are just a few of the ways we are giving back to those who have helped us.
Devin Houston
Q and A 
Your questions answered by
Q: Should I switch to the new enzyme product?

A: Invariably when we develop a new enzyme product, a flood of questions come in as to whether they should change their current enzyme usage to include or add the new enzyme product.  It is just human nature to think that something "new" would be "better" than what is currently used, but that is not always the case. You probably spent a good amount of time to come up with the current enzyme protocol.  If it is working well, there is probably no reason to switch.  Changing enzyme products may involve finding a new balance between the new enzyme, foods, and possibly the other supplements you are taking.

Some legitimate reasons for switching would include cost and convenience.  If one product covers multiple products you currently take, then there may be a cost savings involved.  Having one bottle instead of two or three certainly saves cabinet space.

Perhaps the main reason for switching is if you feel the results of your current usage could be better.  Are there issues not resolved by the current enzyme protocol? Perhaps the new enzyme was designed to address such a problem.  It is important that you understand the formulator's basis for developing the product.  Some changes may be to address a minor issue, others for completely different problems.  

Weigh carefully your reasons for making changes.  You can always contact me for guidance on the products I develop.
Q: Will TriEnza help with egg whites in any way? 
A:  The TriEnza will break down the proteins in egg whites, which is primarily ovalbumin. 
Enzymes and Foods
Here is a quick guide to the foods our enzymes break down:
Alpha-galactosidasedigests carbohydrates in some vegetables and legumes that contain the sugars raffinose, stachyose, and/or verbascose. Examples are legumes (beans) and raw vegetables including broccoli and cauliflower.

Amylasebreaks down glycogen and complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) found in starches.

Beta-glucanasebreaks down glucans such as in oats and grains. 
Bromelainbreaks down protein. 
Cellulasebreaks down cellulose, one of the main components of the fibrous cell walls of plants (high-fiber veggies and fruits, pulps).
DPP IV  isspecific for proline-containing peptides such as gluteomorphin in gluten, casomorphin in casein, and soymorphin in soy.
Hemicellulasehydrolyzes gums (pentose polymers)  and galactomannans in seeds and beans.
Lactasebreaks down the milk sugar lactose.

Lipasebreaks down fats (triglycerides).
Papainbreaks down protein.
Peptidasebreaks down protein.
Phytasebreaks down phytic acid, a compound found in legumes, especially soy.
Proteasebreaks down protein.
Xylanasedegrades xylans, which are complex carbohydrate structures found in plant cell walls.
Your Letters 
Dr. Houston's presentation to our group was fabulous!  We had the biggest turnout ever for our meetings!  He did an excellent job of making note of the time and wrapping up his presentation in time to take plenty of questions, which I know people appreciated.
Everything went very smooth.

I am so glad he makes this opportunity available to groups like ours.  I spoke to 3 people afterwards and all got their questions answered and learned new things in the process.

Thanks for helping this to make a FANTASTIC meeting!

I have been taking TriEnza for approximately 2 months with great results.  I have been dealing with major digestive problems for 1 1/2 years and consquently have tried many different health food store enzyme products; but since I have been using TriEnza my digestive problems, including belching and the uncomfortable bloated feeling after eating, have diminished immensely. 
Kathy Beyer
Richmond, Texas
I felt you needed to know how evidently helpful the new TriEnza product has proven to be for our 6-year-old son in a short period of time.   We have used enzymes for years, however I had been lazy to administer the Houston "trio" until the combination product came out.  
Watching my son today has been like watching a blurry image through a camera lens come into sharp focus.  He is a notch more articulate, thoughtful, playful, kind, "in the moment" and alert/focused.  I have enjoyed his company fully today, and this is an improvement! 
Thank you for such an excellent product.  You should know how much it is appreciated.
Erin Dunne 
Yorktown Heights, NY
Enzyme Events 
For organizations, Dr. Houston offers a free:
  • Live Presentation
  • Conference Call
  • Web Seminar
  • DVD 
Contact Outreach & Communications Coordinator Cindy Kelley toll-free at 1-866-275-0915 or

Dr. Houston will be speaking at:

  • Sacramento, CA: Seminar for FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment), 5/21/08. Contact Bruce Kaminski at
  • Chicago, IL: Autism One Conference, 5/22-5/24/08.
  • Pittsburg, KS: First Annual Autism Conference, 6/20/08. 
  • Orlando, FL: Autism Society of America National Conference, 7/9-7/12/08. 

    See our Events Calendar for details and updates.

    Dr. Houston holds an earned PhD in Biochemistry and has an extensive research background in enzymes. He speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences.

  • Toll free: 866-757-8627
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