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 Issue 25,  Summer 2008
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"Seeing excellent results"
Blog: Consider the Firefly
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Q and A with Dr. H
Your questions answered by
Q: Will heat destroy the enzymes?

 A:  Enzymes remain active up to about 130 degrees Fahrenheit, but they will be inactivated by cooking temperatures.  Enzymes can be added to foods after cooking, prior to eating.  A good rule of thumb is if the food is cool enough to eat, it's cool enough for adding enzymes.
Enzymes are not harmed at all by cold.  In fact, you can increase the shelf life of an enzyme product by keeping it in the freezer.  But don't refrigerate the zymes; most refrigerators are too humid to keep enzymes for long periods.  
Some have noted that the chewable tablets will darken, get soft and sometimes sticky.  We have tested them at that stage and activity is not diminished, but they aren't as pleasant to chew, either.  Keep the chewables in the freezer and you won't have that problem.  If you buy many bottles of enzymes at one time, just keep the excess in the freezer.  Otherwise, enzymes are fine if left at room temperature in low humidity (air conditioning). 
Also, the bottle will protect the enzymes if they happen to be left out in a hot mailbox, at least for a few hours.  But you may want a neighbor to check your mailbox and bring them inside.  Left out in the summer heat for several days certainly won't do any good. 
Q: My son is using Lactobacillus  How will Peptizyde interact with this? 
A:  I have seen no indication that probiotics would be adversely affected by Peptizyde or other protease enzymes. Since pancreatic enzymes and gut bacteria co-exist in the gut, I don't see how enzymes would harm probiotics taken orally. 
Q:   I read that
if you eat many raw foods that have enzymes, those enzymes become stored in your body.  Is this true?
A:  While it is true that raw foods contain enzymes, albeit in low amounts, it is not true that the body stores enzymes obtained from foods.  The pancreas produces enzymes and stores them in the pancreatic duct in inactive form, ready for use when food enters the duodenum from the stomach.  

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 "Seeing excellent results"
I would like to thank Dr. Houston for traveling to our town to educate our group regarding digestive enzymes and other products. 
All the feedback from parents and educators that I spoke with was very positive. They were especially impressed with Dr. Houston's knowledge. He is also incredibly trustworthy, down to earth and easy to talk to.  I think that everybody felt like they could come to him with any questions that they had. Many of the people that came to the group were excited about trying enzymes.  Since then, some of them have ordered the enzymes and are seeing excellent results!
In addition, I am a long-time enzyme user and I believe in them, since I have seen excellent results.  At the same time, I have been extremely impressed with Dr. Houston and the people that work for him. I hope that many parents at least try these products if they think that it could possibly benefit their child - the enzymes are safe and effective.
Thanks again for everything!  
Laura A.
Support Group for Children with Autism and Asperger's Disorders
Cicero, NY  
Blog: Consider the firefly 
From Dr. Houston's blog:  
I spent the first 14 years of my life in Southeastern New Mexico: dry desert country. Our summer vacations, however, were spent in southern Missouri where my grandparents lived. We loved it there. Moisture, rivers, grass, forests: it was heaven to me and my siblings and is why I live in the Ozarks today. It was during...                                                                 
Enzyme events 

Dr. Houston will be speaking/exhibiting at:

  • Austin, TX: USAAA International Conference, 9/4-9/7/08.
  • Chicago: Building Bridges to Independence Conference sponsored by DePaul University College of Law Special Education Advocacy Clinic and the Committee for the Integration of Latinos with Disabilities (CILD), 9/27/08. Contact Nelly.
  • Oklahoma City/Edmond, OK: Seminar for Biomedical Intervention Group (BIG), 10/06/08.  Contact Anne Marie.
  • San Diego: Defeat Autism Now! Conference (exhibitor only), 10/24-10/26/08.
  • Additional events are pending.  See our Events Calendar for details and updates.

    Contact Outreach Coordinator Cindy Kelley toll-free at 866-275-0915 for a:

    • Live Presentation 
    • Conference Call
    • Web Seminar
    • DVD  

    Dr. Houston holds an earned PhD in Biochemistry and has an extensive research background in enzymes. He speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences.

    Toll free: 866-757-8627
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