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The really important stuff...
Another year gone...again!
2008 will be a hard year to categorize: We elected a new president to whom we hold high expectations.  We saw fear of inflation early in the year turn to fear of deflation for the holidays.  The stock market sank and giant companies went bankrupt.  Retail sales are hitting bottom, people are losing homes, and corruption and greed seem to never end.  But to those who came from "The Greatest Generation" this current downturn "ain't nothin''.
My father-in-law died this past week at the age of 86.  He lived through the Great Depression, fought in WWII, and probably never made over $4000 in single year.  Yet he raised seven kids who never thought they were poor. 
The photos shown at his funeral illustrated the bleak conditions in which they lived.  But the kids were always smiling in the photos.  The children were loved by their father, who then passed that love to their own offspring.  It's always about the kids.  They are our future.  They are the "Really Important Stuff".
I want to again state my amazement at the great job you parents are doing for your kids, especially those dealing with autism and other difficulties, whether physical, financial, or emotional.  Hug your kids for me this season, keep your head up, and look forward to the good times to come.

Peace and Joy, 
Devin Houston
Q and A with Dr. H.
Your questions answered by
Dr. Houston:
Q:   I'm confused by some of the labels I see on some enzyme products.  For example, some products claim to have DPP IV in them but I don't see it on the ingredients.  How do I know that DPP IV is really in the product?
A:  Excellent question.  It basically comes down to what is considered a standard enzyme, and how its activity can be measured. 
DPP IV ("DPP 4") is the acronym for the enzyme Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV.  Early DPP IV-containing products did not list DPP IV in the ingredients box because there was no standardized assay by which to quantitate the enzyme.  Also, DPP IV was considered a "contaminating" activity, or "side activity" in certain protease enzymes.  All enzymes contain some amount of other enzymes, and that is the case with DPP IV.  It was not known to be present in the commercially available proteases until we actually looked for it in 1999. 
I fashioned an assay to detect DPP IV and determined that DPP IV was present in several protease enzymes and very high in a peptidase enzyme blend.  Peptidase activity is measured in units called HUT.  But because the DPP IV assay was not well-known, enzyme companies simply stated DPP IV as a measure of peptidase activity HUT units.  So, it was assumed that higher peptidase activity correlated with higher DPP IV levels. 
Now however, some enzyme companies have "standardized" the DPP IV assay such that we can confidently state the actual DPP IV units on the label.  Remember, if a number is stated in the ingredients label, FDA mandates that it be accurate. 
We at Houston Enzymes now state actual DPP IV activity units on our TriEnza product separate from protease and peptidase units.  We are also in the process of changing labels for Peptizyde and AFP Peptizyde to reflect the amount of DPP IV present.  This is important because not all peptidase enzymes will contain DPP IV.

Bottom line: To be assured that you are getting DPP IV, look for the actual DPP IV activity unit (DPPU) in the ingredient label.
Q: Would a broad spectrum product be harmful if the person didn't eat the food type that corresponds with one part of the broad spectrum product?  For example, didn't eat any protein as part of the meal when taking a broad spectrum product?
A:  An enzyme can only work on the targeted food.  If an enzyme is present but the food is not eaten, the enzyme does nothing.  Since the enzyme is a protein, it will be eventually broken down in the gut, but it lasts much longer than non-enzyme proteins.

Q.  If enzymes keep working until they run out of product then why does a person need to take more than one? 

A:  Enzymes are catalysts and as such are not changed during their work nor are they used up.  They do, however, eventually encounter conditions that are not conducive to their continued function, usually other bodily proteases that degrade the enzymes.  More than one type of enzyme may be needed if you have problems with more than one type of protein, carb or fat.  Enzymes are very specific in what they do.
"I would highly recommend him"
Karen Falconer-Al Hindi 
I found Dr. Houston to be warm, occasionally funny, knowledgeable, low-key and accessible during his recent visit with us. I would recommend him to any group!
We were diverse: all women, but among us was another Ph.D. biochemist, some who don't do the GF/CF/SF diet at all, some who are just beginning, and some (like me) who've been doing it for years.

After Dr. Houston left people did remark about how clear he was, and they really appreciated that he didn't give a sales presentation. He built a lot of good will last night! And, I think everyone learned something.
Karen Falconer Al-Hindi
Autism Society of Nebraska-Omaha 
Family Support Group

Dr. Houston's presentation was so timely and beneficial for many families in our community. For many that were hesitant to implement a restrictive diet, Houston Enzymes offered a more realistic means of helping their children digest problematic foods and proteins.
I know of at least six children that are using digestive enzymes for the first time following Dr. Houston's presentation last month. I have no doubt that there are many more. Thank you for helping our children and families. 
Vicky Long
El Dorado Hills, CA
Blog: Enzyme myth 2
From Dr. Houston's blog: 
Question: Are enzymes inactivated at temperatures higher than 118 Fahrenheit?

Ah, the magical 118 number! When Edwin Howell wrote his book on enzymes, he concluded that at above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, all enzyme activity would cease. Remember, this was someone who wrote the bulk of his material between 1930 and 1950. Determining enzyme activity and temperature profiles was not...
Meet you at the webinar
We have been pleasantly surprised at the tremendous interest and positive feedback for our live webinars.  What is a "webinar"?  A webinar, or "web seminar," is an online event where a small number of presenters share information with a large remote audience.  We use the Internet as our conference room.  
Attendees view Dr. Houston's slide show and hear him live.  Participants post their questions for Dr. Houston to answer.  There is no charge to listen via your computer.  However, if you choose the option of listening over your telephone, you would be using your own phone service with any charges for a typical long-distance call.
If your group would like to request a webinar, contact Cindy at 866-275-0915, International at 816-246-0798.
See our schedule below and on our Events Calendar for future webinars.
Enzyme events 
Dr. Houston will be speaking/exhibiting at:
  • Web Seminar: 1/22/09, 11:00 AM Eastern Time. Live event open to everyone.  Register.
  • South Bend, Indiana: Presentation for Autism Society of Indiana Biomedical Conference, 1/30/09.
  •  Anaheim, CA: Presentation for All Ages and Abilities Autism/Asperger's Conference, 2/14/09.
  • Web Seminar: 2/24/09, 4:00 PM Eastern Time.  Webinar by Dr. Houston with UK distributor Mandi Rodwell. Live event open to everyone. Register
  • Niceville, FL:  Presentation for Parents of Challenging Children Support Group, 3/11/09. Contact Lisa 850-678-7100.

    Contact Outreach Coordinator Cindy Kelley toll-free at 866-275-0915 for a:

    • Live presentation
    • Conference call
    • Web seminar
    • DVD

    Dr. Houston is a Ph.D. enzyme biochemist. He speaks at no cost to parent groups and parent conferences.

    Check Event Calendar for updates: click here. 

  • Toll free: 866-757-8627
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