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 Issue 36, December 2010
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The "secret" to losing weight
Dear support groups, we thank you
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The "secret" to losing weight
From Dr. Houston:

Dr. HoustonI know we are supposed to "weight" till after the holidays to worry about those excess pounds we've put on, but I'll go ahead and be a Scrooge anyway.

Americans are overweight and obesity is an epidemic.

I am asked quite often as to whether enzyme supplements can help one lose weight.  Enzymes are designed to break down foods more thoroughly which allows more absorption of the vitamins, minerals, and calories in food.  So, taking enzymes can actually cause weight gain IF one is not aware of how much is eaten.  

We fill our plates by habit, we get caught up in the joy of holiday eating, and we don't want to offend by not eating everything on the plate.  The result is an average weight gain of 3 to 5 pounds just over the holiday season.  Multiply that by several years and by age 40 we are wondering how we lost our youthful shape!

Gyms and fitness centers will benefit in January as we resolve to lose the weight, but by March those resolutions are usually out the window.

I am in my 50s, love to eat, take enzymes, but my weight has remained steady over the last 12 years.  What's my secret?  I call it "The 10% Rule".

Cut your eating by 10%.  10% less on your plate (use smaller plates).  10% less sugar in your diet (cut out sodas, limit candy).  10% less starch (reduce breads such as toast and rolls).  Stop feeling guilty about leaving food uneaten on your plate (that was difficult for me).

Increase your activity by 10%.  Walk, even if it is just a little distance.
Take the dog out for a walk.  Do balance exercises; they use the smaller muscles which may not get used very much in daily routines.

Weigh yourself every day first thing in the morning.  The daily feedback
keeps you conscious of what direction your body is going weight-wise.  You can then make adjustments.

My point is that even small changes in habits and lifestyle can make a
difference over a period of time.  Stepping on the scale to find that you've lost a couple of pounds will give you the encouragement to keep going.  When you hit a weight goal, reward yourself that day, but don't slack off!

Good health is a blessing.  Despite what you see on television, losing
weight and keeping it off is not easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult
either.  It just calls for determination to be aware of what you are doing
to your body.

- Devin Houston

Dear support groups, we thank you...

Dr. Houston and Cincinnati Biomedical Moms
Dr. Houston with Cincinnati moms Gina Tharpe, Sonya Havel and Angie Mercier at one of our enzyme seminars.

We enjoy providing free seminars to family-based organizations.  While our goal is to provide you the best possible education about enzymes and disgestion, we learn about your needs and how we can serve you better.  We also get the pleasure of hearing how enzymes have helped your families.

Our recent visit to the Cincinnati Biomedical Interventions Group was especially touching.  The enthusiastic group greeted us warmly and shared many success stories.  

Special thanks to them and all the support groups who opened up their meetings and their hearts to us in 2010 - we consider you our friends. We look forward to meeting new friends in the new year.

. . . . . .

quotation marks, leftOur group loved having Dr Houston speak. We are so grateful for you taking your valuable time and money to help us learn and help our kids.

I got very good feedback from our group.  Even one o
f the dads, who came to a meeting with his wife for the first time, was very enlightened and very impressed with Dr Houston.  I know we both had been using Houston enzymes with our kids and it really helped us understand HOW the enzymes work.


Thank you again!

Jennifer Vacca
Host, Cincinnati Biomedical Interventions Support Group

. . . . . .

quotation marksI enjoyed the meeting very much.  Thanks so much for taking your time to talk to us moms! It means a lot!

Sonya Havel
Cincinnati Biomedical Interventions Support Group

. . . . . .

 quotation marksIt was such a pleasure to meet you and see you speak!  It was a great overview of the function of digestive enzymes. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me and a little of our story. Enzymes (from Houston Enzymes, we have tried others) have changed our family's future.
Enzymes gave us our daughter, laughing and smiling and growing, not to mention the constant growth in vocabulary. Thank you a million times over!

Angie Mercier
Cincinnati Biomedical Interventions Support Group

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Q and A with Dr. H

Q: Can you please elaborate more on the effects of xylanase? Am I correct in understanding that it does not actually break down polyphenols, but modifies their structure? While I clearly feel and digest way better with a xylanase supplement, I'm worried that I'm completely eliminating polyphenols with known health benefits (berries, green tea, etc.). 

A:  You are correct that the phenolics are not destroyed; only the carbohydrate/sugar groups are removed, allowing the phenolic to be absorbed.

Q:  We've been using your enzymes for about a year and they've made a huge difference for my daughters and me.  Today my eight-year-old took a No-Fenol capsule and a TriEnza capsule at 6:30 before we ate dinner. Unfortunately it turned out she was sick with a stomach bug and at 7:40 she vomited.  The enzymes came up and were still intact.  I was surprised because I always assumed the capsules were dissolving right before we ate and the enzymes were working on the food.  Why do you think they didn't dissolve?  Is this a problem?

A:  The capsules have been tested to dissolve in no later than 30 minutes under conditions represented by the normal stomach. When the stomach is "sick" prior to vomiting, the churning motion stops. This motion is needed to dissolve the capsule.  Since you reported the enzymes have been helpful, I would think that the capsules have been dissolving normally.  It is just that the conditions prior to vomiting are not conducive to capsule dissolution. 
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