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 Issue 45, June 2012
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New Lypazyme for fats
Q and A with Dr. H
Autism File enzyme article
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New Lypazyme for fats  

From Dr. Houston

Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D.


Houston Enzymes will soon have available a new product called Lypazyme.  This product is a mixture of 3 types of lipase enzyme, each with unique properties.  


These fat-busting enzymes will work synergistically to break down triglycerides in foods to fatty acids and glycerol.  


Short-chain fatty acids are important compounds involved in neural development and cell membrane integration.  Many children with autism are increasing the amounts of omega-3 and fish oils in their diets; some are trying the ketogenic diet.  


Lypazyme will help ease fat digestion by starting the process in the stomach.  Quicker digestion of fats will prevent the delay in stomach emptying often associated with increased fat intake.  Greasy stools can be minimized as well.   


We will be shipping Lypazyme next week. 

Check our site  for details.


Q and A with Dr. H

Your questions answered by Dr. Houston 

Q: Will enzymes still be active after sitting in a hot mailbox?

A: Enzymes are very stable to environmental temperatures.  In fact, many of these enzymes work better at temperatures of 105 - 125 degrees F. 

We over-formulate our enzyme products, meaning that the amount you see listed on the label is less than what is actually put into the product.  In this way, we can provide long shelf life and provide a good reserve of activity to accommodate extreme conditions.


You don't need to worry whether the enzymes you received from Houston Enzymes may be "deactivated" by the summer heat.  The bottle and box provide protection as well.  Even sitting in a mail truck or your mailbox for a weekend in hot temperatures will have little to no effect on the activity levels.

Ask Dr. Houston your question.


Autism File article

Read Dr. Houston's latest article in The Autism File, a practical and popular magazine for the autism community.

The June-July issue includes Dr. Houston's article, "Enzymes: Breaking it all down". Learn how foods are digested and how enzyme supplements can help, especially in those with autism.

Look for our ad in this issue for a special deal for subscribers. The Autism File may be purchased at major booksellers, or online.
purchase your copy.


Join us on the road 
Enzyme events 
Invite Dr. Houston to your city. Does your group want to learn more about enzymes and digestion? Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D. enzyme biochemist, speaks at no cost to parent groups.  


Contact Cindy Kelley by email or toll free at 866-275-0915 for presentations and literature for your events. 

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