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 Issue 46, August 2012
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New video: Lypazyme for fat digestion
Q and A with Dr. H
Your letters
Article: Breaking it all down in ASD
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New Video: Lypayzme for fat digestion 

From Dr. Houston
Lypazyme enzyme supplement for digestion of fats

Lypazyme is our new product for fats. Watch this video demonstration which shows how enzymes can help you with fat digestion.


To read more about Lypazyme, visit our site


Q and A with Dr. H

Your questions answered by Dr. Houston 

Q: How exactly do lipase enzymes work?

  Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D.

A: Lipase works by clipping off the long-chain fatty acids connected to a glycerol "backbone" that comprises the structure of triglyceride lipids. Removing the fatty acids from the glycerol enables better processing of the fatty acid chains into short-chain fatty acids.


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Your letters
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I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that these enzymes have changed my son's life! He lived gluten and casein free for about 7 years and has done awesome for almost 3 years on the AFP-Peptizyde, thanks!


Asper Robles 

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Isaac continues to do really well on the Trienza chews. They are easy to digest, smell very pleasant and taste lovely which is all important when you have a child that is so sensory.
Isaac continues to enjoy more undisturbed sleep and is now much calmer in himself. His expressive vocabulary is much improved. I believe that he may have been experiencing pain that he could not describe. When the doctor asked him if he has pain in his tummy, he said he used to but not since taking the enzymes.
I have now recommended the Trienza enzymes to about 7 different Autism Mothers whose children all display similar problems that Isaac was previously suffering with. I can honestly say that alongside our daily fish oil capsules these supplements have had the most effect in improving Isaac's quality of life.

Laura Brooking

United Kingdom


Article: Breaking it all down in ASD


Addressing digestive issues can lead to 

improved digestion for ASD kids...and you. 


One can judge the efficacy of a given supplement by the length of time it survives in the market. 


Parents of children on the autism spectrum are adept at quickly deducing what works for their kids-and if the product does not produce results, it rapidly disappears. Many supplements have come and gone in the dozen or so years since enzymes first hit the autism scene, but enzyme supplements are more popular than ever. The increased use of enzymes as part of dietary programs to support the GI tract indicates they do work, but many parents still do not understand how enzymes help digestion.


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