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 Issue 47, October 2012
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Enzymes East and West
Brotherly love for Zyme Prime
Q and A with Dr. H: phenols
Enzymes East and West 
As we wind up this year's travels, we would love to see you at these upcoming events:
Bay Area Autism & ADHD Conference
October 28


In just a few days, on Sunday, October 28, Dr. Houston will be presenting oenzymes and autism in Palo Alto at the Bay Area Autism and ADHD Outreach Conference. 


There will be 14 speakers discussing a variety of topics at this one-day event. Be sure to visit the exhibitor area which will include two of our favorites - New Beginnings Nutritionals (who will be taking enzyme orders) and Nourishing Hope. 


Register for the Bay Area event at http://www.baautismoutreach.com


 Bay Area Autism and ADHD Conference



National Autism Conference  

November 8 - 11


Join us at National Autism Association's annual conference at the beautiful Tradewinds Resort at St. Pete's Beach, Florida.

National Autism Conference

Houston Enzymes will be sponsoring the Meet and Greet Thursday evening, November 8. Lots of food and fun!


Then come hear Dr. Houston's enzymes and autism talk at the conference on Saturday, November 10. Visit our booth throughout the conference for a special attendee discount. 


Register for the National Autism Conference at http://nac.nationalautismassociation.org 


National Autism Conference site
NAC will be at the Tradewinds Resort


Visit our Event Calendar for updates. 

Contact us for speaker requests.


Brotherly love for Zyme Prime
quotation marks, left

Thank you for your dedication and excellent products. Without Zyme Prime, my son Adam, age 10, would feel very bad and his migraines would return.


Your enzymes make him feel good and communicate better! He used to throw up and have migraines...and scream. Because of you, my son is thriving.


My other son, Noah, who is 6, started getting a rash when he was a few months old. Poor Noah, he would itch and scratch so much. When he was 3 years old, he wanted to eat one of his brother's chewable Zyme Prime tablets. He started eating one tablet twice a day. A strange thing happened: his rash went away. We did not realize it was the Zyme Prime tablets until Noah missed 2 days of eating them.


It took about 3 days for the rash to go away when he resumed the Zyme Prime. Just to make sure, we stopped and resumed the Zyme Prime, and the rash would return, then go away. Our testing had concluded that the Zyme Prime had stopped the rash.


My boys will always eat Houston enzymes. I cannot thank you enough!


Vicki Anger
Q and A with Dr. H: phenols

Your questions answered by Dr. Houston 

Q: Why would I want to break down phenols?

  Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D.

A: All plants produce polyphenolic compounds. During their production, sugar groups are added to the phenolic structure.  


During digestion, these sugar groups must be cleaved off by specific enzymes found in the gut, otherwise the phenolic compound won't be absorbed. Only the aglycone (without sugar) form of the polyphenolic is absorbable.


No-Fenol capsules If the polyphenols aren't absorbed, then perhaps their accumulation may cause the histamine reactions: red cheeks, ears, etc.

Learn more here about phenols and our No-Fenol product.



Ask Dr. Houston a question.

Thank you for reading. What can we do for you? 

Devin Houston, PhD
CEO, Houston Enzymes 

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