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 Issue 48, December 2012
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Happy Holidays
Enzyme packs for on-the-go
Q and A with Dr. H
Tip for storing enzymes
Happy Holidays

We get so many cards and letters during the holidays from our customers. The entire office loves to read about the gains children are making, the new babies, the pets, and the accomplishments made during the past year.

The photos of the kids who have been long-time customers always make me feel good (and old!). I can't believe how quickly they grow up. My own son is 24 but it seems like such a short time ago he was poring over the Christmas catalogs to pick out the toys he wanted.  

Our children are our most precious treasures, made even more so by recent tragedies.  My hope is that all of us will take time to appreciate what we have, hug our kids a little harder, and enjoy life to the fullest.

From all of us at Houston Enzymes to all of you,
Happy Holidays and 
Best Wishes for the New Year

Enzyme packs for on-the-go 
Now in our store - enzyme packs for carrying enzymes in your pocket or purse.
These little containers are great for toting a few doses of enzymes. Pinch the two ends to open, seal up the top to close. 
3 packs for $5
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Q and A with Dr. H

Your questions answered by Dr. Houston 

Q: Are there any detrimental effects to over-taking enzymes or if you take one for something that you may not need it for? For example, you feel that you have an issue with properly digesting a certain food and you take 1-2 enzymes every time you eat it 'to be on the safe side'? 
Thank you so much for your input. We have really appreciated your products! 

Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D.

A: There are no detrimental effects to taking enzymes, nor can you "over-dose" on enzymes.  

The reason they are so safe is that a specific enzyme only works on specific foods. If that food is not present for the enzyme to work on, then the enzyme simply does nothing and is eventually eliminated as waste.  To the body, it is like taking extra food protein since that is what enzymes are, protein.

The only issue is if someone has an allergy to an enzyme. Since they are proteins and anyone could be allergic to any type of protein, one must ensure that they will not react to it.

Just take small amounts the first few times an enzyme is taken to make sure you tolerate it. The chance of an allergic reaction is no greater than with any other food protein, which means the probability of a reaction is quite small.


Tip for storing enzymes

Houston Enzymes in ice
Houston Enzymes in ice at the recent NAA Conference.
Why would we ever freeze our enzymes? If you like to buy your enzymes in bulk and want to extend their shelf-life, read our blog post.
Thank you for reading. What can we do for you? 

Devin Houston, PhD
CEO, Houston Enzymes 

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