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 Issue 52, June 2013
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Hot enzyme tips for summer
New No-Fenol Chewable flavor
Testimonial: Eating out is fun again
Q and A with Dr. H
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Hot enzyme tips for summer: bugs, bites and better digestion

from Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D.


Time once again to share our popular summertime enzyme tips!

Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D.


Along with the heat, humidity and bugs come more outdoor activities for the kids, which means more chance of bumps, bites, and bruises.


We have emphasized how enzymes help digestion, but there are other uses for these enzymes - especially for this time of year. For minor stings, make a poultice of AFP-Peptizyde onto the sting as quickly as possible. Alternatively, soak the finger or area with an enzyme solution (4 capsules per 15 ml of warm water).


Read the rest of Dr. Houston's tips here 

New No-Fenol Chewable flavor

No-Fenol is back with a new and improved flavor! 

  • Natural pomegranate and raspberry flavor No-Fenol Chewable
  • Sweetened with fructose and monoammonium glycyrrhizinate (from licorice)
  • Same enzymes as the old No-Fenol Chewable
  • Digestive support for phenolic foods and fiber
  • May help soften stools
We think you'll love the new No-Fenol Chewable. Contact us for a free sample.

Testimonial: Eating out is fun again

quotation marks, left Ashley has taken numerous enzymes over the years and it was not until she started using Houston Enzymes that her stomach aches went away.  Ashley has been using Houston Enzymes exclusively now for about 3 years.


This year when we attended Autism One, Ashley made the comment, when she saw the Houston Enzymes booth, that ever since she has been taking these enzymes she doesn't have any stomach aches anymore.   When I hear this from my own child, just out of the blue, I know we are on the right track.  


Thanks for producing such a great product and allowing Ashley to have some normalcy in her life.  Eating in restaurants is not that scary anymore!

 - Patti Runnells 


Q and A: Can kids outgrow enzymes?

Your questions answered by Dr. Houston

Q: My 6-year-old daughter is on enzymes. She's not autistic but does have gut issues involving food allergies/intolerances and is currently dairy/gluten free. She still has some triggers which we are trying to identify. Realizing that everyone is different, do you see kids outgrowing these issues? 
 We do have reports of children who have been taking enzymes for some time finding (usually by accident) that they can tolerate those foods without the help of enzymes.  I believe if the gut is kept clean and time allowed for maturation of the GI tract then it is possible for one to be able to tolerate those problem foods.  However, the amount of benefit can vary so there is no guarantee.  
I still think it is a good idea to keep using enzymes on a "maintenance" basis just so problems don't crop up again.


Watch our recorded webinar

Our recent webinar, The Role of Enzymes in Autism, Gut Issues and Food Intolerances, was a great success! Watch the recording now and email or call with any questions.

Thank you for reading. Call or email us with any comments about products or service.


Devin Houston, PhD
CEO, Houston Enzymes 

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