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Not just chicken feed
New! OraCidin Probiotic for mouth and throat
Enzymes help young artist shine
Q and A: probiotics
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Not just chicken feed

from Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D.


Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D. Every so often I go to 
www.pubmed.com which directs to 
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed, the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.  I used the keyword phrase "dietary protease" and came up with quite a few hits.  An interesting couple of articles caught my eye, both involved use of enzymes in the poultry industry.


Now, chicken studies may seem a little funny but they are big business, especially here in Northwest Arkansas. Extrapolating results from these studies to humans may not be entirely appropriate, but I do think there are some interesting points to consider.


The first study was titled, "Evaluation of high dietary inclusion of distillers dried grains with solubles and supplementation of protease and xylanase in the diets of broiler chickens under necrotic enteritis challenge". The study showed that 1) giving distiller grains to the chickens increased their susceptibility to necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridia, and 2) giving protease and xylanase to chickens with guts damaged by Clostridium bacteria allowed those chickens to maintain feed intake and gain body weight. 


The second study, "Effects of diet type and enzyme addition on growth performance and gut health of broiler chickens during subclinical Clostridium perfringens challenge" indicated that multi-carbohydrase enzyme addition improved growth performance and diminished the negative effects of Clostridia challenge.


So what can we take from such a study?  


Read the rest of Dr. Houston's article here 

New OraCidin Probiotic Chewables for mouth and throat


Take a look at our new chewable probiotic for supporting OraCidin probiotic mouth and throat health! OraCidin contains BLIS K12, a strain of S. salivarius bacteria, a "friendly" bacteria.

  • Supports mouth and throat health
  • Promotes fresh breath
  • Natural cherry berry flavor
  • Sweetened with xylitol
  • Contains BLIS K12 probiotics

 Enzymes help young artist shine
Hippo painting

We were thrilled to receive three beautiful paintings created by our friend Noah. Noah's mother, Amy Rosenquist, presented the colorful artwork to Dr. Houston at a recent autism conference. The paintings, based on book characters, are hanging in our offices at Houston Enzymes.


Amy states, "Noah started taking Houston Enzymes in 2001 with dramatic results, including the discovery of his artistic gifts. He is now a healthy, happy, verbal, well mannered teenager hoping to pursue a career in a DD fine arts program. Thank you Houston Enzymes for all of your wonderful products and support through the years!" 

Q and A: Can you take enzymes with probiotics?

Your questions answered by Dr. Houston

Q: Is it ok to take enzymes with probiotics, or do I need to separate them?
Many people wonder whether high-protease enzyme products could damage or inactivate probiotics. Should you take enzymes and probiotics at the same time? I see no reason why they can't be taken together. 
The probiotics you take are basically freeze-dried bacteria. Once the capsule dissolves and the powder dissolves in stomach fluid, the bacteria re-hydrate and can then start multiplying.
Since protease enzymes MUCH prefer to use "dead" or denatured protein (denaturing is what happens when the protein you eat contacts the acid in your stomach), the live bacteria will most likely escape harm from proteases. 
The real danger to probiotics is stomach acid. Bacteria don't live very long in acid environments. Some probiotics are treated (or the capsule is treated) to protect the bacteria from contacting the acid. Once out of the gut, the bacteria can thrive and grow.
Consider this as well: the pancreatic duct shoots out a lot of protease enzyme every time the stomach empties and there are peptidase enzymes produced by the cells in the wall of the GI tract. Probiotic bacteria are in constant contact with these enzymes while in the gut.
Therefore, it is perfectly natural for probiotic bacteria and protease enzymes to be together. 


Nourishing Hope cook-along and enzyme giveaway

Our friend Julie Matthews at Nourishing Hope has posted a healthy foods cook-along show on YouTube. You can view it for free and download the recipes. Watch to learn how to register for a free Houston Enzymes giveaway, along with other special products.

Giveaways end August 1st!
Click on image for more info 
See you in Wisconsin

Join us September 27-28 in Madison, Wisconsin at the TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) Real Help Now Conference. The conference is brought to you by TACA families with autism helping families with autism.

Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor. Come by our booth for a conference special.

TACA Conference

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Devin Houston, PhD
CEO, Houston Enzymes 

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