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Issue 62, May 2014
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Bugs, bumps and better digestion: Hot enzyme tips for summer
Baking Soda? Q and A with Dr. H
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Bugs, bumps and better digestion:  Hot enzyme tips for summer

from Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D.  

Dr. Devin Houston

At last, summer is just around the corner. Time once again to share our popular summertime enzyme tips.


Along with the heat, humidity and bugs come more outdoor activities for the kids, which means more chance of bumps, bites, and bruises.


We have emphasized how enzymes help digestion, but there are other uses for these enzymes - especially for this time of year. For minor stings, make a poultice of AFP-Peptizyde onto the sting as quickly as possible. Alternatively, soak the finger or area with an enzyme solution (4 capsules per 15 ml of warm water).


Many of the toxins in bee and wasp stings are peptide in nature, and the proteases can break those toxins down as Wasp isolated on a white background, photo in macro mode well as reduce the swelling. Make sure the enzyme powder gets moist as the enzymes won't activate until in solution. Of course, this advice is not applicable to those who are highly allergic to insect stings and bites. If you do have anaphylactic reactions to insect stings, remember to keep your "epi pens" handy!


Minor bruises can be reduced by taking AFP-Peptizyde every 4 hours (at least 3 capsules) for 2 days after the incident.


Grass stains in clothes can be a problem. Make a paste of AFP-Peptizyde and work into the stain, let sit for 5 minutes, then wash out.


I'm betting you're eating a lot of fresh food from the garden. Many of us have a hard time digesting fibrous raw or steamed veggies. Add in some No-Fenol with those meals.


Remember that many of the fruits and vegetables we eat during the summer are highly phenolic. No-Fenol can reduce the reactions from those intolerances so the kids can enjoy all the blueberries, watermelon, cherries, and peaches they want.


Our starch intake increases during summer as well, so keep Zyme Prime or ZyCarb handy for those ears of corn you'll be munching on the 4th of July.

Barbecuing ribs on the grill? Remember the Lypazyme for extra help digesting fats.


Enjoy your summer!

Baking Soda? Q and A with Dr. H
Q: If giving baking soda to improve pH, most of the moms I know give it to their child in a pinch of water. But some have given it in juice. Does the sodium bicarbonate get "used up" or does it all survive into the system at least to the stomach? Does it survive to the intestines? Is the sodium bicarbonate like scissors and cuts the acid as it goes? Or does it get used up a little here and there all the way down the GI tract?
A: The bicarbonate reacts chemically when it encounters any kind of acid and when it reacts, it is converted to carbon dioxide and water. If you see bubbling when added to juice, then the bicarbonate is being used up - but it is also eliminating an equivalent amount of acid. Once bicarbonate hits stomach acid it's not going to be around long. 
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Devin Houston, PhD, CEO
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