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Issue 63, June 2014
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Watch now: The Role of Enzymes in Autism, Gut Issues & Food Intolerances
Can enzymes handle the heat?
No-Fenol brings apple happiness
Join us in Indiana, Kansas City and Orlando
Watch now: The Role of Enzymes in Autism, Gut Issues & Food Intolerances


Our recent webinar, The Role of Enzymes in Autism, Gut Issues and Food Intolerances, is now available for you to view at your convenience. 


 Watch and learn  

  • how enzymes may allow foods back into restricted diets
  • how to judge differences between enzyme products
  • how to dose 

Click on the video for these and other topics, followed by Q and A.

The Role of Enzymes in Autism, Gut Issues and Food Intolerances 2014
The Role of Enzymes in Autism, Gut Issues and Food Intolerances 2014
Can enzymes handle summer heat? 
Q and A with Dr. H

Q: Can enzymes handle being shipped in the summer heat?


Dr. Devin Houston, PhD

A: As warmer weather approaches, many customers worry about our enzymes being shipped in the heat. Have no fear, these enzymes are very stable to environmental temperatures. In fact, many of these enzymes work better at temperatures of 105 - 125 degrees F.


We over-formulate our enzyme products, meaning that the amount you see listed on the label is actually less than what is put into the product.  In this way, we can provide long shelf life and a good reserve of activity to accommodate extreme conditions.


Please don't worry that the enzymes you received from Houston Enzymes are "deactivated" by the heat.  The bottle and box provide protection as well.  Even sitting in a mail truck or your mailbox for the weekend in Arizona will have little to no affect on the activity levels.


No-Fenol brings apple happiness
quotation marks, left  
My son used to love apples, but we had to restrict them which was why I was so excited to learn about No-Fenol. I wanted to put No-Fenol to the test, so I figured what better place to do this than at an apple orchard. I gave Harrison the No-Fenol and let him try whatever he wanted. He had no problems tolerating all the apples he ate that day!!!  


Thank you very much Dr. Houston and everybody at Houston Enzymes for giving my son a little piece of normal when it comes to his diet.


-Cody Jordan
Cody's sons eating apples
Harrison (left) enjoys an apple with his brother.
Learn more about No-Fenol.
Join us in Indiana, Kansas City and Orlando
August 14 in Indiana: Cornerstone Autism Centers - Enzyme Seminars, 9:00AM - 11:00AM at the Greenwood, Indiana, location and 5:30PM - 7:30PM at the West Layfayette, Indiana, location. Dr. Houston will be presenting. Contact Sheila to register.   
September 4 - 7 in Kansas City, MO: USAAA Autism & Asperger's Conference. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor.  

September 11 -13 in Orlando, FL: MAPS Conference for health professionals. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor.
Visit the Houston Enzymes Event Calendar for updates on all our events.
Thank you for reading. Contact us with any comments or questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Devin Houston, PhD, CEO
Houston Enzymes 
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