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Issue 65, August 2014
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Tips for mixing enzymes and sending to school
Q and A with Dr. Houston: corn and rice
Join us in Kansas City, Orlando, Costa Mesa and Dallas
Tips for mixing enzymes and sending to school

With school starting, we hear many questions like these:

  • How can I send enzymes with my child's school lunch?
  • My child won't swallow capsules or chew tablets. Can I sprinkle the enzymes on her food?
  • Can I give enzymes with other supplements and medications?
  • What foods and drinks are good for mixing with enzymes?

It is possible to mix enzymes with food or drink and send to school, but there are a few guidelines.      

To learn more, click here.

And remember we are happy to talk with your child's school if they have additional questions.

Q and A with Dr. Houston
Dr. Devin Houston, PhD

 Q: Which enzyme would help digest corn and rice? We previously were on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for gut issues and my daughter did fine, but she is not transitioning back to corn or rice well. We are trying to add more grains as we decrease our meat intake. 

A: It depends on which part of the corn/rice are you concerned about.  If it's the protein in the grains that is causing problems, then try AFP-Peptizyde.  If it's the starch/carbohydrate portion, then Zyme Prime (or ZyCarb if constipation is an issue) may be the best.  

If it's both proteins and carbs, you can mix the AFP-Peptizyde and Zyme Prime products together or go with TriEnza, our combination product containing AFP-Peptizyde, Zyme Prime and NoFenol.  The down side of TriEnza is that the enzymes from each product are in a "fixed-dose" per capsule, whereas with the individual enzymes you can customize your blend based on your needs.

Send your question to Dr. Houston.

Join us in Kansas City, Orlando, Costa Mesa and Dallas

Kansas City, Missouri - September 4 - 7: 
USAAA Autism & Asperger's Conference. Dr. Houston will be a presenter. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor. Click here for a registration discount.



Orlando - September 11 - 13: MAPS Conference for health professionals. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor.

Costa Mesa, California - October 3 - 4: TACA Autism Conference. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor. 

Dallas, Texas - October 16 - 19: The Autism Education Summit. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor. 

Visit the Houston Enzymes Event Calendar for additional events and updates.
Thank you for reading. Contact us with any comments or questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Devin Houston, PhD, CEO
Houston Enzymes 
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