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What you should know about children and enzymes
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What you should know about enzymes and children
Dr. Devin Houston, PhD


Enzymes are fine for children and even infants once they are eating solid food. Adjust the enzyme dosage for children based on meal size, not age or body weight, since enzymes are not absorbed from the gut in appreciable amounts. 


The enzymes can be added to foods or drinks and even baby formula. Enzymes such as TriEnza will help break down the proteins, complex carbohydrates and fats in food for easier assimilation by the gastrointestinal tract. 


Infants being breastfed should not be given protease enzymes (enzymes that break down proteins) as they could inactivate antibodies and other protein factors found in mother's milk. Moms, however, can take enzymes without any problems. In fact, taking enzymes will help increase caloric intake and absorption of nutrients that help Mom while she's nursing.

Children with food intolerances often have special dietary needs. Many have intolerances to proteins such as gluten (in wheat) and casein (in dairy). Dietary enzymes such as AFP-Peptizyde can help break down these proteins such that the incomplete peptides, which often are the source of the intolerances, are either not produced or are broken down into inactive compounds. 


A by-product of better protein digestion is often noted as better mood and disposition in these children. However, it should be noted that enzymes are not a cure or treatment for any medical condition. Enzymes simply support good digestive function, which can help anyone's mood and disposition! 

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Enzyme thanks
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Congratulations to Dr. Houston, I cannot thank him enough. I have a normal life thanks to your enzymes.

I tried so many in the past - I was completely hopeless until I found TriEnza. Thank you.

Martina Thorne
Check out our chewable enzyme tablets 

Did you know several of our enzyme products come in a chewable tablet version? These fruit-flavored enzyme tablets are popular with kids as well as adults. 
TriEnza Chewable is a broad-spectrum product. It contains the enzymes from AFP-Peptizyde and Zyme Prime, and the main enzyme from No-Fenol.

AFP-Peptizyde Chewable supports digestion of gluten, casein, soy and other proteins.

Zyme Prime Chewable breaks down carbohydrates and fats. Mild help for protein.

No-Fenol Chewable helps with phenols (polyphenols) and fiber.

Contact us for samples or with your product questions.
Join us at St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach, Florida - November 13-16: Join us at NAA's National Autism Conference. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor. Dr. Devin Houston will be a speaker. Stop by our booth for a conference special. 

Already planning to attend? The first 3 people to email us will get a free dinner ticket for the Saturday night event (1 winner per family). 
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Devin Houston, PhD, CEO
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