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Issue 73, April 2015
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Enzyme tip for better starch digestion
AFP-Peptizyde vs. TriEnza: Q & A
Get help for carbs and polyphenols: Video
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Enzyme tip for better starch digestion


Some food enzymes work better in combination with other enzymes. For example, amylase is an enzyme associated with the breakdown of amylose, or starch, as known by most. However, for optimal breakdown of starch, amylase should be accompanied by another enzyme, glucoamylase.

A molecule of starch is large and complex. Think of it as a tree with many branches.

Amylase can work on the branches beginning at the tip of the branch and working towards the fork of the branch. But amylase can't continue past the "fork" of the branch. It becomes blocked.

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Q & A: AFP-Peptizyde vs. TriEnza


Q: Dr. Houston, my son is currently taking TriEnza, but I was just reading about AFP-Peptizyde and wondered if he should switch to it. What are the benefits of one vs. the other?

A: AFP-Peptizyde is targeted to help with only food proteins such as gluten, casein, soy, etc. It combines 3 different protease blends to provide optimal breakdown of food protein. Being targeted to one food component allows 1 capsule to provide a huge amount of protease activity. 

TriEnza is a combination enzyme product that covers proteins, carbs and starches, fats, and phenolic foods. Because it is a broad-spectrum product and has many more types of enzymes, it requires 2 capsules to provide the amount of protease activity found in 1 capsule of
AFP is targeted to proteins only, whereas TriEnza is helpful for many types of foods.

Get help for carbs and polyphenols: Video


Looking for better digestion of starches, carbohydrates, fats and polyphenols?

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ZyCarb enzyme supplement for carbohydrates



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