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Issue 74, May 2015
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Enzymes outdo Coca-Cola for fighting phytobezoar
Food combining theory doesn't add up
Ketogenic diet and fats: Q and A
When you shouldn't take an enzyme: Video
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Enzymes outdo Coca-Cola for fighting phytobezoar

What is a phytobezoar and what does soda pop have to do with it, you may ask? A phytobezoar is an indigestible mass of vegetable fiber. Coca-Cola has been used at times to help dissolve such fibers.

Medpage Today reports that in one man's case, a mass in the upper gastrointestinal tract was from ingesting aloe vera as a "natural medicine". Doctors tried to dissolve the phytobezoar with Coca-Cola and finally, cellulase enzymes. 


Food combining theory doesn't add up


Gurus of "food combining" claim that eating certain foods together affects their ability to be digested. US News & World Report debunks the myth of food combining in a recent health blog post. 

Ketogenic diet and fats: Q and A


Q: Dr. Houston, which enzyme would be suitable for the ketogenic diet which is very low in carbohydrates and protein and high in fats?

A: Definitely our Lypazyme. Lypazyme is a combination of 3 lipase enzymes that help break down fats found in foods. It should help in decreasing the greasy stools, diarrhea and nausea that often occur with the ketogenic diet.


I suggest starting with 1 capsule per meal. Increase after a couple of days if you don't see changes in loose stools. There isn't any upper limit on dosing and no side effects or toxicity.

Are there times I shouldn't take an enzyme? 

What are the signs that certain enzymes should be avoided or taken at lower doses?  

Click here or on the video below for Dr. Houston's answer.

Are there times you shouldn't take an enzyme?


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