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Issue 75, June 2015
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Bugs, Bumps and Better Digestion: Get Hot Summer Tips
Take the Sting Out with Enzymes: Video
Will Summer Heat Destroy Enzymes?
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Bugs, bumps and better digestion: Get hot summer tips 


At last, summer is here. Time once again to share our popular summertime enzyme tips.


Along with the heat, humidity and bugs come more outdoor activities for the kids, which means more chance of bumps, Wasp bites and bruises.


We have emphasized how enzymes help digestion, but there are other uses for these enzymes - especially for this time of year.

For minor stings, make a poultice of AFP-Peptizyde onto the sting as quickly as possible. Apple cider vinegar is a good liquid to dissolve the enzymes as the apple cider vinegar itself is often used for insect stings and has a pH of around 5 which is the optimal pH level for the enzymes to work. White vinegar has a pH that may be too low, but water is also a good medium; the enzymes will still do their work. Alternatively, you can soak the finger or area with an enzyme solution (4 capsules per 3 tablespoons of warm water or cider vinegar). 

Many of the toxins in bee and wasp stings are peptide in nature, and the protease enzymes in AFP-Peptizyde can break those toxins down as well as reduce the swelling. Make sure the enzyme powder gets moist as the enzymes won't activate until in solution. Of course, this advice is not applicable to those who are highly allergic to insect stings and bites. If you do have anaphylactic reactions to insect stings, remember to keep your "epi pens" handy!


Watch our video below for making
an enzyme mixture for bug bites. 


Minor bruises can be reduced by taking AFP-Peptizyde every...

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Take the sting out with enzymes: Video


Watch our video to learn how to make the bug bite enzyme poultice described in the above article.  




Will summer heat destroy enzymes? 
Q and A


Q: Dr. Houston, can enzymes handle being shipped in the summer heat?


A: As warmer weather approaches, many customers worry about our enzymes being shipped in the heat. Have no fear, these enzymes are very stable to environmental temperatures. In fact, many of these enzymes work better at temperatures of 105 - 125 degrees F.


We over-formulate our enzyme products, meaning that the amount you see listed on the label is actually less than what is put into the product.  In this way, we can provide long shelf life and a good reserve of activity to accommodate extreme conditions.


Don't worry that the enzymes you received from Houston Enzymes are "deactivated" by the heat.  The bottle and box provide protection as well.  Even sitting in a mail truck or your mailbox for the weekend in Arizona will have little to no affect on the activity levels.

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