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Issue 77, August 2015
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How to Get the Most Benefit from Digestive Enzymes
Enzymes at School: Q and A
How to Mix Enzymes: Video
Webinar and other Events
How to Get the Most Benefit from Digestive Enzyme Supplements
from Devin Houston, Ph.D.
Enzyme supplement use continues to grow in popularity. More people are realizing the importance of a well-maintained gastrointestinal tract and are seeking effective supplements that support gut health.

But when faced with which enzyme products to use, the consumer often hits a brick wall. 

The names of enzymes often don't lend a clue as to their function and the activity units associated with each enzyme are meaningless to most people outside the industry. Listed below are some tips in helping to determine if you need enzymes and which enzyme could help you most.
1.  What is your gut telling you?

Everyone seems to have some foods that cause problems.  Whether it's lactose intolerance from eating dairy, problems with wheat, or just general gas and bloating, an enzyme may...continue reading

Enzymes Go Back to School: Q and A

Q: How can I give enzymes at school?

A: Often you can work with the school to arrange supplementation. If not, you may try mixing the enzymes into a cold drink in a thermos and adding ice cubes to keep it cold. The cooler (even frozen) you keep an enzyme, the longer it lasts. This is important because enzymes become activated and then start losing their activity once put into a liquid solution. Chewable enzymes may be an option for school.

Q: My child won't swallow capsules. Can I sprinkle the enzymes on her food?

 A: The enzymes will mix with food or beverages, although it may tend to clump...read this answer and more tips
How to Mix Enzymes with Food or Drink: Video


Watch our video to learn how to mix enzymes with food or drink.

Webinar and Other Enzyme Events

Enzyme Webinar - August 27: 
Hosted by the National Autism Association with Dr. Devin Houston presenting. Free on your computer. Register now.

Plano, TX - September 1: National Autism Association - North Texas Chapter, Dr. Houston will be a speaker. Get details.

Orlando, FL - September 10-12: MAPS Fall Conference for special needs practitioners. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor. Register now.

San Diego, CA - September 17-20: Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor. Register now. 

Dallas, TX - September 25-27: Autism Education Summit. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor. Register now.

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