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Issue 78, September 2015
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Video: No-Fenol for Polyphenols
Q & A: Can Enzymes be harmful to Polyphenols?
Watch the Enzyme Webinar Recording
Event: Join us in California
Video: No-Fenol for Polyphenol Digestion

All foods have polyphenols or "phenols" which are compounds that are good for you. The foods highest in polyphenols are the brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

Watch our video from Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D. enzyme biochemist. Learn how the No-Fenol enzyme helps with digestion of polyphenols.
No-Fenol Video

Q and A with Dr. H: Can Enzymes be harmful to Polyphenols?
Q: Do the enzymes in No-Fenol destroy phenols (polyphenols) which are in my medication or foods?

A: No-Fenol enzymes do not break down or change the structure of No-Fenol capsules polyphenols - what happens is that a sugar group attached to the polyphenol while in the parent plant is removed during digestion by the enzymes. Removing this sugar group allows the intact active polyphenol to be absorbed in active form. 

No-Fenol does what is supposed to happen in normal digestion and helps you digest the polyphenols.

Watch the Enzyme Webinar Recording
Dr. Devin Houston, CEO of Houston Enzymes, recently gave a webinar presentation for the National Autism Association. The Role of Enzymes in Autism, Gut Issues and Food Intolerances is now archived at the NAA site and ready for viewing.

Event: Join Us in California
Costa Mesa, CA - October 23-24: TACA Autism Conference. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor and will sponsor the Coffee Talk. Register now.

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