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Issue 79, October 2015
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Gut-Brain Connections
Q & A: All About Lactase
Video: Zyme Prime for Lactose Intolerance
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Gut-Brain Connections 

A recent 
article in Nature, a scientific journal, outlines several recent and on-going studies concerning the gut microbiome.  A lot of different areas are covered but the underlying theme suggests that hard evidence will arise showing how gut bacteria can influence brain function.  

Of specific interest is the thought that gut bacteria may influence production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters within the brain. However, the end result may not be in just taking a specific kind of probiotic.  

Q and A: All About Lactase
Q: Why do we need lactase?
A: Lactase is the enzyme that converts the disaccharide lactose, a sugar found in milk, to the simple sugars galactose and glucose.  

Q: What happens if we drink milk without lactase being present?

A: The lactose in milk has an osmotic effect, that is, it draws water into the gut.  This can cause diarrhea and cramping.  Lactose is also a food for many of the bacteria in our intestinal tracts.  This extra food boosts the population of gas-producing bacteria which causes bloating and gassiness in humans.

Q: Why do we need lactase supplements?

A: Lactase is one of the enzymes known to be genetically programmed to decrease in production around age 6.  If dairy is still consumed as we age, then one should use lactase when eating dairy to prevent the uncomfortable symptoms of lactase deficiency, or lactose intolerance. We have 3 products that contain lactase: Zyme Prime, ZyCarb and TriEnza.

Q: From what organisms is lactase derived?

A: Supplemental lactase is derived from yeast such as Kluyveromyces fragilis and Kluyveromyces lactis and from fungi such as Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzae.

Video: Zyme Prime for Lactose Intolerance

Watch our video from Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D. enzyme biochemist. Learn how the Zyme Prime enzyme supplement helps with digestion of lactose and other carbohydrates.
Zyme Prime

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