Houston Enzymes
Issue 82
January 2016

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The Future of Digestive Enzyme Supplements
The All-in-One Enzyme: Watch the Video
Is it Harmful if I Take an Enzyme and Don't Eat?
The Future of Digestive Enzyme Supplements

The mark of a good enzyme product is longevity.  Competitive markets quickly separate what works from what does not and this is ever so true with the supplemental enzyme market.
Good Old Enzymes
Enzymes from plant sources were first made available as digestive aids 70 years ago but did not catch on to mainstream awareness until the late 1990s.  Much of the increased interest was due to the growing issue of gluten intolerance, followed closely soon after by...

The All-in-One for Proteins, Carbs, Fats & Polyphenols: Watch the Video

Looking for help for digesting a variety of foods? Click and watch the video about TriEnza, our broad-spectrum enzyme product.
TriEnza Video

Is it Harmful if I Take an Enzyme and Don't Eat?

Q. Is it harmful if I take an enzyme and then don't eat?

A:  No, the enzymes only work on food. Since enzymes are protein, the body will eventually process the enzymes as any other food protein. Many take high doses of enzyme products on an empty stomach to facilitate systemic enzyme uptake, that is, the uptake of enzymes into the circulation. To do this requires large amounts of enzyme, as only a small fraction of the enzyme is absorbed.

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