Houston Enzymes
Issue 83        
February 2016        
Chemicals or Enzymes?
Pigging Out on Starch Ingredients May Hold the Answer

Devin Houston, Ph.D.

The food industry often uses chemically modified starches (CMS) to "enhance" food products. CMS are used to change the gooeyness of a food ingredient and are used in a variety of products ranging from lunch meats and juices to baked goods and biofuels. 
Manufacturers like modified starches because they hold up better under conditions such as repeated heating and acidity.
The methods used in chemically modified starches vary but often use chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, acetic anhydride, propylene oxide or types of phosphates such as sodium trimetaphosphate.  
One of the effects of chemically modified starches in foods is that the starch becomes less digestible.

Recent studies using enzymes as an alternative... 
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