6 Tips for Dosing Enzymes

Enzymes are safe and easy to try.  Here are six dosing tips to help you get started: 1.  Take enzymes with each meal.  The enzymes move out of the stomach with the food.  The next meal will require a new dose. 2.  Take enzymes near the beginning of the meal.  This gives the enzymes time to break down the food in the stomach.  If you forget to take your enzymes, take them when you remember as there still may be food in the stomach. 3.  Dose by the amount of food eaten, not age or body weight.  Larger meals may require a larger dose - and smaller meals a smaller dose.  Some experimentation may be needed to find the best dosing for your needs. 4.  If you are sensitive and wish to start enzymes at a low dose and increase gradually, use our dosing chart at http://www.houston-enzymes.com/pdf/Dosing%20Chart%202-25-08.pdf . 5.  For grazers, either take a dose every 3-4 hours, or sip on a drink mixed with enzymes as you eat. 6.  For tips on mixing enzymes with food or drink and sending to school, read our article at http://www.houston-enzymes.com/learn/articles/tips-for-taking-supplements.php.