About the Newsletter...



You may not have noticed, but you have not received a newsletter from Houston Enzymes since August of 2021. Cindy Kelley was in charge of constructing, sending, and analyzing the results of our newsletters for years. She departed after over 20 years of service to Houston Enzymes to spend more time with family and other ventures. We are still adjusting to her leaving, and she is sorely missed. I took over the newsletter duty, and believe me, it is no easy task! I do believe the effort paid off though, as I was able to see the other side of marketing via email. 


Every morning I grab a coffee, open my iPad, then spend several minutes deleting the dozens of emails I received overnight. Offers for lines of credit, insurance, website development, pet toys, and assorted other junk clog my inbox. I get irritated having to unsubscribe from what seem to be the same emails every day. I didn’t sign up for that company’s emails, why are they sending me this junk?!?


So, I understand that you may feel the same way about this emailed newsletter. The last thing I want is an irritated customer. We usually send out one newsletter per month. Since I’m now doing the emailing, we may not even send that often. If I don’t have anything of value to give you, I promise to not clog your inbox with useless information.


Now occasionally I will partner with an organization that I believe is helpful to my customers, and I may schedule more email campaigns to help them out for special events or conferences. That would be the only exception to our once-a-month policy.


What I will promise you is that our newsletter will provide you with helpful information concerning enzymes, gut health, digestion, probiotics, and the microbiome. I will avoid scientific jargon and techno-speak. The more you understand about digestion and enzymes, the more likely you will consider using our products.


I also believe you should get something useful in return for the time you took to read our newsletter. So, in addition to helpful information, every newsletter will feature some type of discount on one of our products. Our costs have increased along with everyone else’s. We do the best we can to hold down price increases, but they are inevitable. But we can help out with discount programs and timely specials. You can also call us if you need additional help.


Bottom line, we want you to read our newsletter. I believe in my company and its products. You won’t receive an email from us every day or week like some companies do, just once a month. However, if you received our email but have no interest in our products or the information I provide, simply click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the newsletter. You will be removed immediately.