Get Moving with New Biomuve for Regularity

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No one wants to suffer from irregularity in the digestive tract. 

And we’ve heard from many of you that you don’t like the harsher methods out there for relieving irregularity.

Get moving with new Biomuve

Biomuve is a more gentle dietary supplement that can help move things along when occasional constipation has you down.†

We recently updated Biomuve to make it more shelf stable, with no concerns about shipping in hotter temperatures. We’ve also eliminated the timed-release capsule so you can now open and mix Biomuve with food or drink, if you prefer. 

The new Biomuve comes in a bottle of 90 count capsules (45 doses).

Here’s how the new Biomuve works 

  1. Biomuve combines enzymes + probiotics + prebiotics in a non-prescription capsule.

  2. The xylanase enzyme in Biomuve partially breaks down fibrous foods into a gel, which mixes with the food mass. This can help soften the stool.

  3. The prebiotic in Biomuve is derived from New Zealand kiwi and trademarked as Actazin®. Actazin is a natural source of prebiotics, fiber, and enzymes that tend to soften stools. Studies of Acatzin demonstrated a modest increase in bowel movements when taken daily.

  4. The DE111® probiotic blend in Biomuve is derived from the strain Bacillus subtilis and has been found to help occasional constipation and balance the microbiome flora of the gut.

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How to take Biomuve

Take Biomuve twice daily, with or without meals – it’s that easy.

Start with 1 capsule for a few days. If needed, increase to 2 capsules twice daily.

There’s no need to refrigerate the new version of Biomuve. The DE111® probiotics in Biomuve are shelf-stable. 

There are no harsh ingredients and Biomuve is safe to take with other supplements and medications.

As we mentioned, the capsules for the new Biomuve may be opened and mixed. If the food or drink is cool enough for your mouth, it’s cool enough for mixing with Biomuve.

What to expect

Results may be seen within the first few days, though some may need up to two weeks. 

Biomuve may help with occasional constipation and support a healthy microbiome.†

Biomuve may help soften stools, but should not cause diarrhea. As with trying any supplement, consult with your doctor regarding any health concerns you may have.†

Get moving with the new Biomuve.

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Actazin® is a registered trademark of Anagenix Limited. 
DE111® is a registered trademark of Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, Inc.

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