Courage in Ukraine


 The war in Ukraine continues, as Russian President Putin relentlessly bombs cities and kills helpless civilians. Every day, from the safety of our homes, we see the videos of the destruction, death, and tears experienced by those in Ukraine. Americans tend to become desensitized to such things after a while; our attention shifts to other concerns. I hope we don't forget the struggles of Ukraine.

 Houston Enzymes has two distributors in Ukraine. One, Elena T. (I won’t reveal full names due to security issues), took her family to neighboring Romania to escape the dangers. She is actively trying to find donations to those still in Ukraine while setting up her business of selling Houston Enzyme products in Romania and Poland. She appreciates the protection afforded by Romania but yearns to return to her native Ukraine. 

 Anna S. and Natalya S. also distribute our products in Ukraine. They are still living in Kyiv and have so far escaped the heaviest areas of fighting. She says the fighting is worse in the eastern and southern regions. She still finds it difficult to believe that war is so close. She asks for our prayers that the war ends soon. 

 We are committed to helping those in need, whether in Ukraine, the United States, or anywhere else in the world. Elena, Anna, and Natalya are living through circumstances we cannot imagine. If you can, please find a way to help those in Ukraine.