Enzyme Supply and Demand

Our manufacturer alerted us to the possibility of enzyme shortages in the near future. Like everything else that is good and needed, enzymes are in great demand, which caught some of the manufacturers off guard. The same applies to probiotics as well. 

If you find that enzymes are essential to your good digestion, make sure you place your next order well ahead of when you may run out of your supply. 

Current lead times for producing our products is 10 - 12 weeks, so we do a lot of analyses of our sales data to ensure our inventory stays current and available. We hate to be out of stock on products!

The Subscribe & Save discount program allows us to better track where our inventory is going and when we need to order more. We encourage our retail customers to take advantage of the discount program. You save money and we can keep our stocks current and available. Call or email our office to find out more about Subscribe & Save.