Enzyme Supply Update


 Shortages of oil, baby formula, and who knows what else is driving stress levels to record heights. Couple that with inflation, rising interest rates, and high fuel prices and it’s a wonder we can still get out of bed in the mornings!

 We were warned by our manufacturer earlier this year that enzyme supplies could get tight. We immediately increased our inventory to hedge against any delays in manufacturing. So far, our inventories are in good shape. We did hear that some enzyme companies were out of stock on some enzyme products. 

 Our manufacturer just informed us that prices on raw materials would be increasing by 5% -10% on orders placed after mid-July. This is the second price increase in a year. Because our inventory level is fairly high, we will not pass on these price increases until next year, unless our shipping costs also increase dramatically or we receive another price jump in material costs.

 We have discount programs available to retail customers that offer significant savings. We do not like to pry into our customers’ financial situations, but please know that we are willing to help out customers who rely on our products and need a some assistance. It won’t hurt our feelings if you want to “make a deal” with us! We will try our best to accommodate. 

 Our sales, like many other companies, have been down due to the Ukraine war and decreased distribution in Europe by our wholesale distributors. The price we pay for freight in shipping our products has increased as well due to higher fuel prices. Just like you, we are tightening our belts and look to find ways to cut our costs, but we will never diminish the quality of our products by reducing the levels of enzyme activity!