Enzymes and Weight Loss

A recent article appeared in a magazine distributed at a chain of health food stores. In the article were quotes made by me and several others on the benefits of enzymes. One of the questions asked was whether enzymes would help with gas and bloating, and the reply was that, yes, enzymes could reduce the gassiness caused by certain foods. Often, people get so gassy that their stomachs and/or abdomens become distended. The article was carefully worded so that, while no claim on weight loss was made, some readers inferred that enzymes were some kind of weight loss product. While you may get a flatter belly by using enzymes to reduce bloating, enzymes per se are not really a means of losing weight. However, using enzymes may allow more nutrition from less food, and if one were conscious of what and how much they were eating, along with a sensible exercise plan, perhaps one could lose weight.
Enzymes break foods down more thoroughly. So if you are overweight, there is no way enzymes will help you lose weight if you don't eat less; in fact, you could gain weight!
So, use common sense, read these articles carefully and remember that there is no free lunch...even if enzymes do help digest it better!