Enzymes Can Handle The Heat!

This heat wave is creating havoc with my garden and lawn, and our dog is considering leaving for Alaska! Seriously though, the heat wave shows no signs of letting up soon.  Many of our customers are worried about our enzymes being shipped in this heat.  Have no fear, these enzymes are very stable to environmental temperatures!  In fact, many of these enzymes work better at temps of 105 - 125 degrees F. I recently tested some of our enzymes that had expired in 2003.  They were sealed in the bottle and still in the cardboard box.  They had been in a corner of my unconditioned garage in Arkansas for the past 8 years.  Our summer temperatures will routinely be in the high 90s, with humidity in the 60 - 90% level.  In the summer, my garage feels like a sauna.  When we tested the enzymes I was amazed to find that the activity was still above the amount stated on the label. We over-formulate our enzyme products, meaning that the amount you see listed on the label is actually less than what is actually put into the product.  In this way, we can provide long shelf life and provide a good reserve of activity to accommodate extreme conditions. Please do not worry that the enzymes you received from Houston Enzymes are "deactivated" by the heat.  The bottle and box provide protection as well.  Even sitting in a mail truck or your mailbox for the weekend in Arizona will have little to no effect on the activity levels. I wish I could tolerate the heat as well our enzymes! Stay cool! Devin Houston, PhD