Enzymes From Fungi??

Of all the questions I've been asked over the years, this one keeps popping up the most: Is there a risk to using enzymes from fungal sources? The short answer is a very loud, NO!

But, let me qualify that answer. Most of the enzymes you find in supplements are derived from fungal sources such as Aspergillus oryzae and niger, Trichoderma reesei, and several others. The enzymes are secreted from the fungi as they grow on a special media designed to stimulate production of specific enzymes. The enzymes break down the media to provide nutrition to the growing fungi. At some point, the enzymes are separated from the media and the fungal matter. Depending on the enzyme, about a dozen different purification procedures are used to separate the enzyme proteins from everything else. The purity is confirmed using a number of tests. 

So, there is no danger of getting any fungal infection by taking enzyme supplements. There are no fungal spores or mycelia present which could cause fungi to grow. The enzymes are proteins, however; and any protein can be a potential allergen, just as any other food protein. We urge caution if you have food allergies and are using enzymes for the first time. 

Having a mold allergy should not prevent one from using enzyme supplements. There is no mold in enzyme supplements, unless the bottle has been opened and left outside in the rain and heat for a few months!

Really, if there were mold or fungi in any enzyme product, FDA would shut the company down very quickly. Every enzyme manufacturer and supplier tests their enzyme stocks routinely for contamination by mold, bacteria, and environmental toxins. Those results are documented and kept on file for review by FDA during inspections.

So, relax, your enzymes will not give you a mold or fungal infection!