Enzymes: Not Just for Kids!

The great majority of our customers are families living with autism.  They find that enzyme use helps support their children's digestive system: firmer stools, more regular movements, less gas and bloating, etc.  Because these parents are so focused on their children's health, they often forget about their own health needs.  We want to remind everyone that enzymes can help anyone who eats food, and that includes, well, everyone! Many of us suffer from age-related decrease in production of some enzymes such as lactase.  As most doctors can tell you, most of us put out plenty of pancreatic enzymes.  But the need for an enzyme supplement is not about replacing an enzyme, it's about transferring the digestive load from the small intestine to the stomach.  Using a good plant-based enzyme product provides acid-stable enzymes that can start breaking down carbs, proteins and fats while the food is still in the stomach. Why is this such a big deal?  One, it provides a pre-digestive phase that allows the food mass to be much more homogenous when it enters the gut.  This allows the pancreatic enzyme waiting in the duodenum to complete the breakdown process much more efficiently and quickly.  Two, a more completely digested meal is less likely to cause upset down the road by reducing the amount of undigested food lying around in the gut.  Fermentation of undigested food provides a ready source of food for "bad" bacteria as well as producing compounds that can irritate the gut, causing cramping, gas, and pain.  Lastly, enzymes can help adults with their food intolerances.  Polyphenolic intolerances can appear in anyone and may be the cause of the lethargy, headaches, and gastric upsets we feel after eating some foods and "adult" beverages.  Love wine but hate that "flush" and nagging little headache you can get?  That feeling can often disappear with the right enzyme product.  The same applies to chocolates, certain vegetables, and even spices. So the next time you are doling out the enzymes for your child, don't forget to take some for your self.  After all, parents deserve good digestion, too! Hope to see many of you at Autism One, May 26-30 in Chicago. Devin