Goodbye, gallbladder; hello, enzymes

I recently had my gallbladder removed, an experience shared by a great many people.  My only symptoms had been two episodes of pain after eating a meal fairly high in fats. Testing indicated I had no gallstones, but bile from the liver was not being re-directed into the gallbladder appropriately.  Subsequent pathology of the non-functional organ indicated the presence of small gallstones and chronic inflammation. The recovery period for me was fairly quick, but I did need to re-evaluate my diet.  Without a gallbladder, bile was now continuously pouring into my small intestine, which caused changes in bowel movements.  Bile can produce diarrhea and loose stools.  Fats may not be adequately emulsified, which can cause problems in the gut as well. This is a perfect example of knowing what changes are occurring in our bodies and determining how to adjust to the diet.  In my case, increasing my intake of Lypazyme, our high-lipase formula, helped in firming the stools. I try to limit my fat intake, but must admit I am weak in resisting my favorite high-fat foods.  More veggies and salads are in order, so I make sure I take some No-Fenol (not too much as it softens stools) along with Zyme Prime to help break down the starches. I am happy to report that the small changes in my supplement intake now have me back to my old self. Things happen as we age, so be prepared to adjust your enzyme intake accordingly.