Greetings from Ice Station Arkansas!

Just as the Super Bowl was ending, my wife heard the hum of the furnace, and yelled, "The power's back on!!"  After 6 days off the main grid, yes, we had been saved. Sweet electricity was back! Living out in the country on a rural electric supply, well water, and in a valley (we call them "hollers" here in the Ozarks) can make me feel isolated sometimes, which, to be honest, I actually enjoy.  But when there is 2 inches of ice, and downed trees blocking you from getting to the main road, and the dogs would rather use the carpet then go outside, I was almost wishing I lived in town.  They got power back in 2 days. But I was prepared.  When we built our house 3 years ago, I had a generator built in to automatically switch on if power was out.  At the time, I thought it was a huge expense that would probably never be that useful. Wrong! While we had just enough power to make coffee (essential for life) power the water well and some lights, we were much better off than many others.  Our central heating wouldn't work, but we had a fireplace and a stack of wood.  And 2 dogs and a cat that were determined to keep us warm with their body heat, or vice versa.  I spent the majority of the day after the ice storm cutting trees that had fallen on the road so I could get the truck to my parent's house.  A friend lent us a portable generator to hook up to my folk's house, so my dad would not have to go through CNN withdrawal, which seemed more important to him than being able to flush a toilet. I have to admit, I did string extension cords through the house so I could watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Amazing what we do to keep our lives soft! Luckily, the weather warmed up, the ice melted, and the thousands of electric crews finally made it to our neck of the woods on Sunday.  I know what my outdoor job will be for the next few weekends: Anyone needing firewood please come by and help yourself!