Happy 2024!!!

I apologize for not sending out newsletters more often, but, on the other hand, less mail in your inbox, right?!

The holidays were quiet but pleasant for us, I hope yours was enjoyable. Much of what we see on the news these days tends to suck the joy out of life. It is hard to turn a blind eye to all the troubles. Still, it's a new year, perhaps common sense, responsibility, grace, and kindness will come back to brighten our lives.

Many changes are occurring at Houston Enzymes. I will be gradually stepping down from day-to-day activities in the company to assume more of a consulting role. My son, Dustin, who has been working as President of the company for several years, will be leading the company. He is well-equipped to lead the company! Meanwhile, I plan to spend more time with his daughter before she grows up and realizes how boring I am!

One of the changes you will notice is that our prices have increased. We put it off as long as we could, but economic pressures forced us to do so. Still, our new prices are less than the rise in inflation, and we are constantly searching for ways to cut costs without compromising quality. Our website and online ordering will change to better serve our customers. New distributors are coming on board, so our products will be more available in brick-and-mortar stores. As always, we are happy to accommodate those customers who may need a little financial help, so please call our office if that is your situation. We have a number of discount programs that may help.

Science leads our product development. Last year, we made changes in our formulations that reflected the important role of preserving dietary fiber for gut microbiome health. This year, we hope to roll out new products based on the latest nutraceutical advancements, so check our website often.