How Do I Take Enzymes Away From Home?

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Q: Can I take enzymes at home before I go out to eat at a restaurant?

A: Unfortunately, that will be too far in advance of the meal. The enzymes should be taken near the beginning of the meal. If you take them more than 20 or 30 minutes ahead, the stomach may empty before you start eating.

Q: Will taking an enzyme in the morning help with all meals for the day?

A: No, enzymes need to be taken with the meal you want to break down. When you eat again a few hours later, the previous meal and enzyme mixture has likely moved out of the stomach.

Q: Can enzymes be mixed ahead of time with food or drink, such as to send with my child’s school lunch?

A: There are several options that may make it possible to mix enzymes into a drink or certain foods. You can add enzymes to a cool drink in the morning to be taken at lunch. Some foods such as nut butters can also be mixed with enzymes several hours ahead of time. Get our list of mixing ideas here. Watch our video to see how Dr. Houston mixes enzymes.

Bonus Tip: Use one of our Enzyme Packs for taking a few doses of enzymes in your pocket or purse.