How Do You Know You Need an Enzyme Product?

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How do you know whether you should try a digestive enzyme supplement?

Certain foods can be problematic for people. We call these food intolerances, which is different from an outright food allergy.

A food intolerance can be observed through nausea, irritation, tiredness, or a rash that occurs. Whereas a food allergy is more life-threatening problem.

For food intolerances, an enzyme can often be the solution.

Lactose intolerance is a big problem for many of us over 30. It is by simply taking a lactase enzyme, you can still enjoy dairy products.

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Other people have intolerances to wheat, dairy, soy, or other food proteins. By taking certain proteolytic enzymes you can help break down those proteins so that they’re not a problem in your diet.

By identifying the specific problem food and coupling that with the particular enzyme that breaks down that food—you can often find relief from certain food intolerances.


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