How to Choose an Enzyme Product for Your Digestive Needs

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You’ve decided to try enzymes, but don’t know how to choose a product. Or maybe you’re already using an enzyme and not sure it’s the best one for your digestive issues.


The variety of enzyme combinations can be overwhelming. We can help with that.


Let's talk about 7 digestive questions and which product you should try.


1. Don’t know where to start? 


If you don't know what to start with, use a broad-spectrum product:

Zyme Prime or TriEnza.


Adjusting to Zyme Prime is not difficult. Zyme Prime is mild and low in protein-digesting enzymes (proteases). It should not cause any discomfort and is an excellent starter product for the sensitive gut.


If you do not see desired results with Zyme Prime, either increase the dose, add another product (AFP-Peptizyde, or No-Fenol) or switch to TriEnza.


TriEnza is a stronger broad-spectrum product. It contains enzymes from AFP-Peptizyde for proteins, enzymes from Zyme Prime for fats and carbohydrates, and 1/2 the enzymes from No-Fenol (xylanase) for certain fruits and vegetables.

TriEnza is higher in enzymes for proteins than Zyme Prime. TriEnza has DPP IV enzyme activity, unlike Zyme Prime, and may be an alternative to the GFCF diet. 


Recommended dosing for TriEnza is 1 or 2 capsules with each meal. You may want to start dosing TriEnza with one meal per day and increase gradually to 2 capsules per meal. 


2. Considering the Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet?

Many of our customers use the Gluten-Free Casein-Free (GFCF) diet for their children with special needs. If the parent complains about the difficulty of doing the diets, or the child is wanting more freedom to eat "like his friends do", or the  parent wants to improve gluten- and casein-connected behaviors - then consider AFP-Peptizyde. One capsule contains potent quantities of the DPP IV enzyme plus additional proteases (enzymes for proteins).


AFP-Peptizyde was one of our original products invented as an alternative for the GFCF diet. AFP-Peptizyde and TriEnza are high-protease, with high DPP IV activity. TriEnza is a newer combination product, but requires 2 capsules to equal the protein digesting activity of one AFP-Peptizyde capsule.


It’s best to start these high-protease products with low and slow dosing. If the child is already on the GFCF diet, then parent should not change the diet until fully adjusted to enzymes.


These products are not used for celiac disease. No enzyme product is available for celiac disease or for "cheating" on a celiac diet, in any form.


If you are concerned about the gluten and/or casein proteins, start with:

AFP Peptizyde (or TriEnza).


3. Loose stools, low weight, picky eater, carb craver, gas & bloating?

For concerns like loose stools, low weight, picky eater, carb craver, bloating or gassiness, we usually recommend starting with:

Zyme Prime or ZyCarb.


Zyme Prime tends to firm stools. It is excellent at breaking down carbohydrates.  If constipation is a problem, but you still need help with carbs, try ZyCarb. ZyCarb is similar to Zyme Prime, but less firming.


4. Food related intolerances?

Skin rashes or rough patches on elbows while not restricting gluten may be indicators of gluten intolerance. We can achieve better digestion of gluten through the use of protease enzymes (enzymes for proteins). 

AFP Peptizyde (or TriEnza) are recommended. 


5. Is constipation a problem?

If your diet plays a role in constipation, try No-Fenol or ZyCarb.


No-Fenol breaks down fiber which could help soften the stool. N-Fenol can be used alone or in combination with other enzyme products to counter their stool-firming tendencies.


ZyCarb contains contains enzymes found in Zyme Prime (for carbs), plus the enzyme xylanase from No-Fenol. ZyCarb may be helpful for both digestive discomfort from foods and occasional constipation. 


If Zyme Prime is needed, No-Fenol can be added to counteract the stool-hardening properties of Zyme Prime.


For those who wish to add probiotics to help with occasional constipation, use Biomuve. 

Biomuve is a combination of enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics that may be taken with or without meals.

6. Red cheeks and/or ears after eating certain fruits?

This can be a polyphenolic intolerance. "Shiners" under the eyes may also be an indicator that polyphenolic foods are problem. 


No-Fenol contains enzymes that may help with polyphenols.


7. Fats or oils causing digestive discomfort?

Lypazyme is formulated to help break down triglyceride fats while still in the stomach. Faster fat breakdown may prevent the delay in stomach emptying usually associated with high-fat meals. 

Try Lypazyme.


Lypayzme is helpful when supplementing with fish oils and other sources of beneficial fats. Lypazyme helps prevent gas and bloating from fats and oils.

Ready to jump in?

As with any supplement, results can vary with the individual and there is always the exception. But most can use the above as a guide for starting enzymes. 


The great thing about enzymes is that they are not harmful at any level of dosing, so you can experiment to find the best combination for your needs.


If you still need guidance with your enzyme journey, contact us - we're here to help.



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